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Vandana Kataria


Happy, Or Just Pretend To Be Happy?

"But Fake Happiness is still the worst kind of Sadness."

Hello Readers,

Take a moment of just 120 seconds from your busy lifestyle, and ask yourself an appropriate answer to this question honestly- ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY? OR JUST ACTING TO LOOK HAPPY?



Yes! No! Maybe! or I don't know! must be your obvious answers right! But most of the people will go with the second option which is-''NO, I am not happy, I just pretend." Isn't!

Let's face it guys, we all have lost our carefree smile, innocent giggle, and an independent attitude towards everything just to fit in this competitive world which will never be going to offer a single piece of calmness and satisfaction. Then why we are surviving in this world that cannot even give us a moment to think, breathe, and express ourselves? Why are we so indulged in wealth and success that we have to find a huge reason to be happy? Why can't we just stare at our perfectly imperfect reflection in the mirror and say Thank God for making us human beings?

We are just living and breathing for the sake of our family, our friends, or our loved ones but what about our inner-self? We cannot even pursue our hobby because people will underestimate us as 'selfish free moron' and after considering this seriously, we get ready to hide or sometimes murder our passion, our qualities that are gifted by God himself.

Let's talk about some major points where I will present some harsh yet relatable truths of life:

CAREER PLANNING:- it's the basic and the most popular reason to fake a smile. Generally, parents force their children to pursue the stream or course which will benefit them in the future in monetary terms. Most of them never consider their children's interests or talents in a serious way. Unfortunately, children heartbreakingly accept and follow their parent's decisions, and sometimes they even become successful in that field but...but are they really satisfied? Is this what they wanted from life? Of course not, instead they will just fake a beautiful smile showing they are round and delightful to choose this stream but deep inside only they know how painful it is to live every moment of their life like a helpless caged bird.

FINANCIAL ISSUES:- This problem is mostly faced by girls, I repeat mostly not completely. (even in the 21st century, people just act to live a modern life but when it comes to girls are their future, they will surely find some stupid reasons to spoil their daughter's life)Children who are ambitious and capable to make their future bright, have to struggle a lot due to their poor financial conditions and some of them find it easy to just kill their dreams and quit their career for the sake of family's needs. This creates frustration among them but still to look happy and pretend to be okay, they simply plaster a weak smile on their face as a result of sacrifice.

DISCRIMINATION:- It can be done by society, by family, by places, by qualification, or by people as well. It's a really hard thing not to compete in this world due to some unusual reasons that are not even considered. Discrimination in any way leads to low self-esteem and depression and thus a person will just act to stay normal exactly what a patient of depression does (but we all know this very well that what a depressed person exactly suffers from inside.)

LACK OF UNDERSTANDING:- In life, everyone needs a companion or a friend who would understand you deeply even without uttering a single word, everyone needs someone like this. But what if it doesn't happen? The person will simply start ignoring everyone, he/she will doubt more, belief less and ultimately they will end up becoming socially shy. Sometimes a person can behave like a psychopath when they don't get the love and understanding they deserve.

DEPRESSION:- The most common and obvious result of faking a smile every time and suffering from inside and pretending that everything is okay when it's not, is Depression. It's a very simple thing to understand that if you keep pouring the water in a glass, it will definitely overflow at some point. similarly plastering a smile and the game of pretending can be okay in the beginning but it will definitely affect the mental health of a person and can also cause hazardous mental illness like PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia, etc.

There can be other various reasons that made a person to fake their happiness. it can be the betrayal or deception suffered by a loved one. it can be the loss of a person who left a scar on your mind that doesn't allow you to stay happy from within.

No one wants to live a life like this where you have to pretend to be okay for lifelong. It's something like dying every second, every day to make those people happy that don't even want to see you care for you.

In a conclusion, I would like to suggest my personal and applied opinion on this topic that may sound bitter to most of the readers but for me, it's the best and effective to get rid of fake happiness. You just need to get this thing in your head that- NO ONE IS GOING TO STAY WITH YOU FOREVER. Sounds bizarre, Right! But it is absolutely real. You need to find your happiness without expecting anything from anyone in return because it's a very difficult cycle to get the happiness that starts with expecting and ends with a lot of suffering.

(Hope you all like my perspective on this topic and the opinion I shared in the conclusion part.)

Thank You!

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