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Hard work pays off but in the right direction


Since childhood, we have been listening to our parents that hard work pays off every time but the important thing to note is that hard work pays off but in the right direction.

Before knowing this in detail it is important to understand what hard work actually is?

As the name states whenever you work hard enough to complete your dreams and future goals it tends to become hard work.

There are many ways which affect our hard work and it is mandatory to overcome them in order to achieve your desires. Procrastinating is the biggest reason that people avoid their work and always give excuses to finish it at a later stage. You should be aware of the fact that the world is not waiting for anyone. Time is the essence and utilizing it to the fullest should be your primary and the foremost aim.

But there is one aspect without which hard work seems nothing and that is the result of the work you’ve been up to.

Let’s prove the above statements with some situations

1.)If you’re doing certain exercises to reduce your belly fat but you are seeing no changes in your belly then doing it, again and again, is useless. Try something different.

2.)If you are typing an endless number of algorithms coding to build some software for a company then that won't bring you any kind of success. Bring some creativity to your coding.

3.)If you are playing basketball and after making 100s of shots you still can't get that accuracy then you don't need practice but proper guidance. Maybe you are shooting it in the wrong way(Added this cause I'm a baller)

4.)If you're working hard in your job and continuously performing and succeeding in your field but see no increment or improvement in your paycheck then it is time to bid farewell to it and look for the other prospects around you.

All these points were just mentioned to give you a detailed knowledge that how hard work and smart work are directly related to each other. Working hard constantly without a proper plan is a pathetic idea. It's like digging a tunnel without deciding when you should dig it. Hence, you should always think before applying anything to your life. 

With this, we can even contradict the quote which said "Hard work is the key to success."

Everyone tells you to work harder and harder but no one tells you to work smartly. This is the reason people don't get the maximum results from their efforts. In most cases, people are half-blinded regarding their target. They are always focused on doing what they have to but never understand the fact that how they can finish off that work smartly and quickly.

This barrier should be removed by teaching your colleagues, friends, or anyone out there that life is not just about hard work but it is about hard work in the right direction.

Thank you.

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