By- Shruti Bansal
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Shruti Bansal


He Is MagicalšŸ’«


Do you know who he was?

Do you know what he did?

He was an intellectual and good looking man,

He, with time made me his very big fan.

He carried millions of wishes inside,

He taught me how to keep the sadness aside.

He always carried a heavenly smile,

He never allowed me to cry nile.

He always had a face full of charm,

He knew it best how to make me calm.

He mastered the art of talking to people,

He, through his stories taught me to rise like an eagle.

He always had his ways sorted,

He always helped me to get toxicity of surroundings aborted.

He texted and called most of the day,

He always mended my dillemas in the best possible way.

He always shone bright at every meet,

After every meet he got a lovely tweet.

He always had a spark within,

I always looked up to him with a large grin.

His voice was a complete addiction,

Listening to him was the cure to all my frustration.

His softness of hands gave me the comfort,

Which always choked up my entire discomfort.

He, whenever hugged was just divine,

His rare embrace made my soul shine.

He was someone who deserved all the love,

To me he was addictive like a cocaine's puff.

He was, he is, he will be a magic,

Even after the heart that had him turned out tragic.

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