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Hey lovely readers!!!!

Are you in tension today or are you worrying about something?? So you are at the right page. This article is just for you.

Worrying is normal in everyone's life but the important thing is how you deal with it. We create a situation in our mind which might not occur. There can be lots of reason for a person to worry or panic about something. It can be related to your studies, your family or your relationship. All you need to know is every problem has a solution. Here i can suggest few habits actually "healthy habits" which can help your brain to stop worrying.

1. Stop Overthinking

Don't let your mind create fake scenarios. Thinking too much over a little thing put the person in worry and sometimes in depression. Be positive about the situation and try to find out the solution instead of sitting and crying.

2. Talk to your friends and meet people

One thing you all have to agree that the time we spend with our friends is the time when we forget all our problems and worries. Whenever you feel low just make a call to your friend or meet them. Explore new places. Go to a cafe and have fun.

3. Meditation

Meditation is a very good idea of giving relax to your brain. Find a quite room, close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Forget all your problems and move to a new world with all positive thoughts. Trust me meditation will work like a mental pain killer. It will remove all your negative thoughts and fill you will enthusiasm and positivity.

4. Find a solution

As already mentioned, every problem has a solution so why not finding a solution for your problem and working on it instead of just sitting and worrying. Discuss the problem with your parents or friends. Use social media to find out how to come out of that problem. Work on it and you will definitely win.

5. Indulge yourself in other things

Distract your mind to other things. Try to forget the problems in life and be happy as much as you can. Remember the happy moments of life. Grab a photograph album and relive your memories. Make food for yourself and enjoy it. Read positive thoughts or jokes and laugh.

I want to add a line that my mother always says that whenever you are sad or upset from your life so just remember there are people who are having much bigger problems in life and still smiling. Afterall Smiling gives you dimple whereas worrying will only give you wrinkles. So STOP WORRYING BE HAPPY

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