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Hidden meanings behind the famous logos

A logo is something which graphically represents a business, brand or a firm. Obviously a great brand also comes with a unique logo. In our daily living , we come across so many brands and their logos which have a unique hidden meaning. The quest of finding the meaning of the logos of the most successful brands always tempted me. So through this article, I would like to acknowledge you with some of the logos and their hidden meanings.

>Adidas: ‘Conquering the mountain’ . Originally Adidas had simple three stripes, which almost represented nothing but to enrich the graphical look of the logo , in the 90’s, the three stripes were arranged in a diagonal fashion according to the greater size which depicts that athletes need to struggle hard in order to achieve greatness.

>Amazon: ‘everything from A to Z’ . Although the Amazon logo initially looks like a smiling face but to add on it the the arrow points from A to Z which simply means that Amazon sells everything from A to Z along with making the costumers contented and happy.

>Walt Disney : ‘ fantastic forgery’ .Through our childhood , we had seen that Walt Disney logo is something ‘hard to read’ script form. A common assumption is that it is based on Walt Disney signature but actually it is designed by a women in the company.

By the way the logo represents Walt Disney with Cinderella’s castle which represents both Walt Disney films and their theme parks.

> Baskin Robbins :’31 flavours every month’ . An American based ice cream and cake speciality shop, it is best known for its flavours that the costumers can enjoy every 31 days of the month . Although the numbers are not very easily seen but it is highlighted by the pink colour out of the blue colour of the logo. The logo represents the joy and happiness the customers leisure after having the dessert .

> Hyundai: ‘ human figures with handshake’ . Often it resembles that the Hyundai logo has a letter H embedded in an oval shape. However it also represents two human figures , one the customer and other the member of the company with handshake promoting the concept of mutual understanding and respect within themselves.

So these were some of the hidden meanings of world famous brands . I hope it instilled the uniqueness and creativity among us that how creative a person can be in terms of graphics and logo designing.

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