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Reality Check


So this article is related with everyone ......because some of us are students and some of us were students in their lives. I guess this happened with everyone ....sometimes we all get frustrated to achieve higher marks...and the reasons behind this is to get a good college , impress our relatives friends and parents... but do you know that how this frustration affects our mental health.... Here is something for you all .....

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was faced with a question regarding the importance of examination by a student and PM answered that we no longer live in the era that defines academic marks as the path-breaker of success. PM Modi advised students not to use exams as a benchmark to work towards anything. 

 Students are continuously faced by the pressure to perform well because we are unknowingly heading towards a path which leads to a turning point that defines success and failure based on particular academic scores."

"Parents also aim to motivate their children to score better in academics at every stage of life. This may be true in a different era, but today, the world has changed drastically. Possibilities have increased. Academic performances alone are not determined to life. The same way a certain examination is not the answer to eveything. It is just a stage of life," PM Modi added

Fear of examinations, anxiety over results and poor marks are driving many teenagers to take that desperate irreversible step: suicide. During the exam season, anxiety levels speak both for students and parents then there is extended worry of getting into a good college. Exams frenzy, say chemists push sales of memory Aid pills and stimulants to high levels. Is academic excellence a true measure of one’s success in life, Is there a correlation between successful people and marks they secured in their academic courier? Companies are reported to have decided not to take top rankers BECAUSE THEY WERE FOUND TO HAVE TUNNEL VISION. It is true that hardly any country is run by rank holders. It is those who dabbled in much more than mere academics that seems to fit the job. So what's the big deal?

We often forget to tell our youngsters that the achievements of great men and women stood on the foundation of mistakes the made in their formative years. Behind WINSTON CHURCHILL’S perfection lay a history of failures. By making a student walk the tightrope of tough time schedules, stressful assignments and anxiety ridden counseling sessions, we not only rob them of fun of childhood but also cause damages to their social, mental and physical well-being. The present system leaves them no room to err. However,, error s the backyard of perfection for it is by learning from past mistakes that we become better and brighter individuals . Parents should understand that there are limits of child’s elasticity – stretch him too far and he could snap. Expecting too much too soon is the bane of our competitive lives, where no room is given for reflection and contentment. Ten years down the line, it won’t matter which college one went to or how much one scored. Don’t we all know what qualities matter on the stage of life? All that goes into building one’s character or personality is acquired in the course of day to day life and not by scoring high marks in examination.

It is high time youngsters spared sometime to laugh heartily and experience a sense of social, mental and physical well being. NORMAN COUSINS, editor of Saturday review for over 35 years diagnosed with a painful and progressively degenerative tissue disease. He was given a one in five hundreds chance of complete recovery and was told that he did not have long to live. Cousins move out of the hospital checked into a hotel, and regularly, everyday, watched comedies presented by the likes of MARKS BROTHER, LAUREL AND HARDY AND CHARLIE CHAMPLIN. He also watched episodes of CANDID CAMERA for days together. He slowly recovered and returned to full –time work. He wrote about how he laughed himself back to health in the ANATOMY OF ILLNESS. When he suffered a severe heart attack 15 years later, an overdose of laughter saw him through.

LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BE TAKEN TOO SERIOUSLY. LAUGH AT LIFE AND ITS TWISTS AND TURNS. A KG student laughs 3000 times a day against a adult’s 17 times. It is no laughing matter. Don’t laugh it off. But laugh your way to health and happiness


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