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Ananya singh


History a time travel

Reality Check

History has a subtle meaning in itself because it contains the world ‘ story’ . History has a lot of facts which include wars, restrictions , lessons that people made. But apart from this, we come to see that history is not gaining importance as such because it is more based on rote learning as said by many students .

More of rote and passive memorisation generally makes the subject dull and boring, but far from we realise that it brings the country to new heights as it is the past.

And as said by many , if we can’t learn from our past , how are we gonna make our present.

But an ongoing debate on ‘ should history be taught to students till high school’

I think yes , definitely yes because every subject has its own importance and history is not boring. Not far when we come to realise that it brings us closer to Alexander the Great , Maharana pratap and many more personalities whose mental and physical strength we can aspire for .

In addition it brings us closer to a entirely different subject apart from the technical subjects like science or maths .

History definitely brings us to a different subject apart from technical subjects and in fact many people like to study hostile and pursue it in further studies as well .

In the end , I would like to conclude that history should be taught in schools as it makes us aware of the past , present as well as the future . It makes us a more civilised person . And helps us understand more about ourselves and others too as it is like a time travel.

Don’t you like time travelling , go pro with history .

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