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How beneficial are the technological inventions made especially for the safety or empowerment of women?


Hello readers,

Women safety is a major issue of concern in today's world. All around us, we hear that a woman got raped, a woman met with an acid attack. It doesn't happen in a few days. It was going on for years and years. We have to stop it not by restricting girls from going out or stopping them to wear modern outfit. But it can be stopped by our smartness and technology.

Technology provides options to us, but women’s safety is not an option, it is a necessity. Today, there are various technologies which are meant only for ensuring the safety of women.

So let's have a view to our today's topic i.e.

How beneficial are the technological inventions made especially for the safety or empowerment of women?

Safety is a stepping stone to gender equality and unless we fix that problem, how are we going to move forward?”

So many steps are already taken, but situations are not under control. For that, many kinds of technologies came to the market which is handy, quick and a needy woman can easily use it.

Some of the technologies are:

My Buddy My Optisafe

Its marvellous designing makes it easier to carry. You may

  • Hang it around your neck
  • Clip it on your bag
  • Carry it in your pocket

You just have to pull the trigger for the siren to begin ringing. It sends SOS to three predetermined contacts for asking help. When the trigger is pulled, it starts recording the video and sends the live location to the guardians.

Sonata ACT

A safety watch introduced by sonata is termed as Sonata ACT. It comes in different models to ensure style.

Sonata ACT watch is very easy to use. Women just have to install the app and connect this watch with her smartphone, keeps the phone's GPS on and add contacts of maximum 10 guardians. If she feels that she is in some trouble then she just has to press the safety key and the message will get sent to her guardians.


It is a kind of chip which can detect silently added drugs or some that kind of chemicals in food or drinks.

In many cases, the crime is done by adding drugs in the food or drink of the victim. If the women feel that there is something wrong then she can easily detect drug by using it. It is very easy to use the device.

The user just has to remove the cover from it and had to put a drop on the chip. If it indicates Single Line [ – ] that means it detects something harmful and if it shows Double line [ = ] that means there is no presence of any harmful element.

Safer Smart Pendant

The Safer Smart Pendant is just the same as the Sonata ACT watch. The difference is that the watch turns now into a pendant.

There is a button behind the pendant. In emergencies the user can send an alert about her condition, locate herself to the trustable persons whose contacts will be saved previously by only clicking a single button.

While technology had played a major role in ensuring women safety. There is also a need for enforcement of laws with better policies and better citizen awareness initiatives that will encourage women to come forward and register complaints.

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