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Divya Singh


How does art education help to think differently?


"Art has the role in the education of helping children become themselves instead of more like everyone else" – Sydney Gurewitz Clemens 

As the world continues to prosper in its realm of an abundance of information, to have the necessary skill of grasping the required information has become vital. Information of all kinds seems to be revolving around us to help us create opinions.

However, critical thinking is required to retain what information seems necessary instead of peddling up the information that is delivered to masses. Critical thinking helps to shape the opinion which stands out of the crowd and reflects an individual’s creativity. 

Undoubtedly more knowledge improves one’s capability and strengthens one’s arguments and theories. Subsequently, it is developed by art that helps to shape our creative edges. 

This is where art education comes to role play, it helps a child or anyone in general rather to observe the world from many different angles. This helps you to think out of the box and not swallow the approaches that are delivered. 

Art has several layers, the unfolding of which might gradually develop the skill of ‘critical thinking’. This is how an individual puts forward a less popular approach and keeps adding to it creatively. 

For students to truly grow and prosper, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation comes to play. In the early stages, a child is expected to draw and present art which is prescribed as per the curriculum and a child enjoys doing so (intrinsic motivation), however, this is just not enough to keep the child's growth persistent.

A teacher needs to organize competitions and a free art session to appreciate the creativity of the child beyond the standard set (extrinsic motivation). While both the motivations are helpful, a hybrid of the two is successful. 

This helps to further build confidence in the child. Some students have hidden insecurities and want to pursue certain talents but are obstructed from doing so. To overcome this, encouragement by the peers, teachers and parents can help to develop a confident child.

Improved cognition is an added benefit that comes with art. Art correlates with itself several different subjects. For example, if a child has to present a piece of music through an instrument, he might do so in relation with his understanding for sound waves, whereas a child who wants to play a role in a historic drama can only do so by connecting the social, cultural and historical aspects of it.

Art is a mode of expression that develops thoughts and emotions into a unique form of communication, perhaps the single most aspect of our existence. Art helps to develop ways for connecting emotions well and expressing them in the most heartfelt way. 

No matter what you do in life, what paths you choose to pursue your career in, the aspect of critically opinionating your thoughts and talents will always demand creativity – your unique creativity. 

Schools and other institutes should perhaps promote art in some or the other way to bring a myriad of excellence!

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