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Vansh Mittal


How India's two most popular parties INC and BJP have fought and evolved in the past few decades to become better at politics?


BJP vs INC is topic which is discussed extensively among people, you may see people having discussions and debates about both these parties wherein they tell each other about the developments under the term of each party and criticise the whatever they feel wrong that they have done. However over the past few decades we have seen that the people of the country have shifted their votes from INC to BJP, INC managed to form goverment for 48 years whereas BJP had its term for about 12 years however these voter base shifted heavily in the elections of 2014 wherein we saw rise of 'Modi-wave'. Around 2014 BJP rose to power by demonstrating its economic development in the state of Gujarat and converted it into a believable dream which they then showed it to the common people of India.

From “Scandalous Nehru” to “Tinpot Shastri”, from “Wicked Indira Gandhi” to her “self-serving” son-Rajiv Gandhi, from “Insignificant Narasimha Rao” to the “Italian-born” Sonia Gandhi and “mute” Manmohan Singh. And now “Pappu” Rahul Gandhi. The Bharatiya Janata Party has branded them all. In the midst of a dramatic ascent in the governmental issues of promoting and marking, a pitiable Congress neglected to counter even a solitary one of these lamentable defamations. The BJP continued disgracing its 70 years of administration, and disregard protecting themselves with full respectability, they didn't bring up their noteworthy monetary and social improvement information from the most recent ten years.

Indeed, understanding the Indian National Congress has consistently been a test, generally in light of the fact that it has never stayed 'steady'. Be it as far as philosophy or hierarchical structure, the INC has changed itself consistently. The Congress under Nehru and the early long stretches of Indira saw a methodology towards improvement, which changed radically under Rajiv and afterward under Narasimha Rao.

Congress has been able to win every election in the past because they presented an ideology, people in India basically voted on the basis of how confidently and strongly an ideology has been put up ignoring the fact of it being contradictory and decisive.t is in this sense that the Indian National Congress has had an edge over every other party in India. Whatever their approach might be, they always had an ideology and a vision ready to present to their voters – until Sonia Gandhi happened.

Sonia Gandhi gave victories to INC without any ideologies, she used various tactics and amalgamations which confirmed their victory however she did fail to show the good work she had done in the past such as MGNREGA, NREGA, Mid-Day meal scheme and many more. Using this shortcoming BJP filled that void with its thought of Hindutva.The BJP very smartly has been setting the ground for the same over the past few years by parting the nation on the basis of religion, caste, language, and even water, and they are successfully in painting an image wherein it is the Congress which is responsible for all these deeds (as seen in the Gujarat Elections).

They have been altering the conscience of the people of this nation by feeding them extensively dangerous content through social media and WhatsApp.Congress needs to present its own ideology – whatever it might be, people need an ideology to vote for. And they need it immediately, otherwise, the nation will vote for Hindutva

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