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Sumit Raj Jha


How is the use of mobile technology bad for kids?


Hi, nowadays we can see almost everyone is having their personal mobile, kids too. When we were small, in every house there was one common mobile Nokia and we were not addicted to it. But Nowadays every new day another new mobile is launching with new features and it makes people excited especially kids. I got my first mobile in 12th standard but kids are having at the age of 10-12. It's not about just getting mobile at early age it's about their addiction.

Let's discuss why mobile technology bad for kids?

  • Chances of Tumour: According to some studies, there is a possible increased risk of tumours as mobile phones releases a radiation which can cause tumours but for those who use mobile phones excessively. So we can see many kids are addicted to mobiles so there maybe a chance.

  • Affects Brain: We all know Human brain is core of our body as every action is done by brain only. It is said that our brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation released by mobiles. So, mobiles can affect the brain and anything can be happen. So, again excessive use of mobile is harming our brain and if brain gets some defect we all know what can happen.

  • Academic Performance: For every kid, academics is very important thing as it helps in future in getting better colleges and especially in jobs. But, technology of mobile attracts kids and they gets addicted to mobiles and don't give time to their academics and don't perform well in their academics.

  • Inappropriate stuff: Like any other gadgets, mobile is also a medium of inappropriate stuffs. Through mobile kids can get indulge into it like one of their friend sends them inappropriate media like pic, video, text or meme and kids easily gets indulge into that because they thinks that is interesting. And with help of new technology in mobiles they can hide their activity from their parents too.

  • Difficulty in Sleep: Most of the Children stays up late at night for other reasons like, seeing memes, chatting, playing games, binge watching a series or movies. It becomes their habit and they find difficult to sleep at night as using mobile, its radiation disrupts their sleep cycle and they aren't able to concentrate on their studies.

  • Physical and Mental Fitness: Kids usually sticks to their mobiles and don't play outside just playing with mobile which makes them physically unfit. And those kids who watches videos or movies or anything on mobile at late night disturbs their sleep cycle. They may be indulge in something inappropriate on social media and aren't able to concentrate on anything and are mentally unfit.

CONCLUSION: So, I am concluding my article by saying that mobile can be dangerous for kids and its their parent's responsibility to keep eye on their children and don't allow them to use mobile continuously and getting addicted to it.

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