By- Gargee Sharma
An Eager Beaver!

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Gargee Sharma


How my dog inspires me to be a better human?


I have a pet dog named Euro, who happens to be a Pomeranian breed. I met him through a

dog trader on a fine sunny day (the best day of my Life indeed!). There’s a saying ‘God’s

blessings go beyond anything we could dream of’, similar was the arrival of Euro in my life.

Before his arrival, life seemed gloomy and hollow with abutting layers of bad luck and

unhealthy lifestyle, nothing ever seemed right but isolation felt the only escape, because of

the underlying reasons that life does come up with a bad phase for everyone at some point

in life, similar was the case with me. However, the darkness didn’t last long as I had a bigger

blessing awaiting to lighten my gloomy life and eternally connect me to happiness.

Here’s how he inspires me to be a better human and see life through a perspective that is so

pure and out of all the nuisance! Ever since Euro was a baby, he has been playful and an

emotional pet. I have observed him grow into a big boy, attaching the purpose of his

existence to me as if he trusts me with his life wholeheartedly. From the smallest of the

moments like, when I offer him food, he wags his tail like he’s assured that I’m his best

nutritionist and concurrently gazes into my eyes sparkling with gratitude, slurps me after his

meal to show that he loves anything I cook for him, Euro here inspires me to be always

grateful for the food we are offered and thank our mothers for their endless efforts in keeping us healthy!

He plays an important role in being my alarm clock, jumps to the bed, and endlessly licks my

face and requests me to rub his chest, and just in case I'm being too lazy for that, there

come loud barks! Euro here comes with an inspiring magic wound of making the mornings

full of love and starting the day on an affectionate note.

We as humans have a very conditional and biased outlook on life, we are bound by the

egoistic culture of breaking relations because of a minor inconvenience and grow with the

climbers of grudges and hatred. Not so in the case of dogs or in particular, my Euro, who

despite the dose of scolding he gets for being notorious and hiding stuff just so I seem

worried and give him all my attention, never gets upset with me as he internally knows that I love him beyond anything else, instead he comes to me, very silently and sits next to me just

to make me realize that he won't repeat his mistake (he will because how will it get fun then?

XD) and that, silence can help to calm anger and indeed sprinkles an inspiration of

unconditional love.

Again, contrasting the human psychology, we are aggrieved and unhappy beings with a

feeling of discontent, we are always looking for more, irrespective of what we're already

blessed with. It is indeed true of a great saying by The Mahatma Gandhi, 'There is a

sufficiency in the world for man's needs but not for man's greed'. Euro, on the other hand,

has been blessed with the superpower of reflecting contentment in every little gesture I have

to show him like, a mere calcium bone that I gift him every week, he's filled with so much

happiness and gratitude on being gifted this that he jumps and runs to speak to every corner

of the house with his cheerful barks that he’s so happy to enjoy his feast of the week! Or a

simple walk to a garden where he can run like a happy puppy, jumping in the grass and

racing with the wind. Why can we not, as humans blessed with the power to feel, not

develop the feeling of contentment, and count our blessings to feel the happiness we are

granted with every moment? Get yourself a Euro if you still can't in that case!

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