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Tanya srivastava


How reading changed my life ?


"The world belongs to those who read"

I have developed a strange connection with books. I was not into books a few years back, so how do I got into read ing? Let me tell you.

Let's rewind :- 🎬

It all started back in 9th grade, everybody was discussing about 'Harry Potter' and as a curious teenager, I wanted to know what exactly Harry Potter was or who he was ?

We don't have internet like today so I didn't had the option of watching the movie by simply googling it. Afterwards I got to know that it was based on a book series which was in my school library too .So I issued the book , started reading and I literally completed the book in just 1 day. Yeah seriously!! I was shocked but the best part was my heart enjoyed it.

(ps:- I know nowadays J.K Rowling is doing some stuff that she shouldn't do, but no one can replace my love for Harry Potter)

That's how I started obsessing over books. I wanted to read each and every book out there .So started exploring my school library,meanwhile discovered some of my favourite authors . "Reading serves me as a therapy"

It gives me the purpose of life,like adding little bit of meaning to my life.It helped me gear up my imagination level. Mood spoilers are sometimes not under control, at that is when I distract myself with reading. Books have enough power to take you away from reality. Whenever I read a sparkling joy captures me. Reading is a passport to countless adventures of imagination.

If you are a reader you will get this ,when you read you get lost in those pages and see yourself standing in the place of your favorite characters where you lose track of time. I really admire the feeling of reading when I completely forget who I am. Reading improves my sleep cycle. It helped me get better concentration. To be honest there are countless benefits and I am on the journey of experiencing them.

It helped me to reduce my anxiety level . Reading triggered my inner writer.

It had been 4 years that I haven't had a break between books. I'm always in the middle of one. Right when I'm done with one I start another , usually one fiction then non-fiction. It increased my knowledge to some extent and helped me understand a lot of things on my own. Books helped me to connect with some wonderfull people. It just changed me as a person a lot. So it changed me and my life and gave me wonderful lessons ,so I always try to spread some book love so that more and more people will get the benefit. If you are reading this and you haven't read any book pick one and read it. I promise it will be worth every minute.

Picking up good books is important, here are my beginner friendly recommendations:-

-Harry potter

-th great gatsby

-the catcher in the rye

-the immortal of meluha

-the rudest book ever

-the alchemist

" maybe this is why we read, and why in the moment of darkness we return to book: to find the words for what we already know"

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