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Welcome my dear readers. This article is about how the food affects our sleep. We all are so much fond of junk food. Also we love to post it on various social platforms. We love to have different kinds of food….but have you wondered that how these foods affect our health and sleep?? Here’s the reason…….

We all love to eat tasty junk foods which are full of fatty acids and carbohydrates. I can bet that most of my readers including me are foodies. We are just fond of junk foods. Not just we love to eat, but we also love to post the pictures of it on the social media and thus these days tasting and exploring variety of foods is increasing day by day.

Cheesy fries, Crispy fritters, Double Cheese pizza, Chilly Manchurian Mexican grilled sandwich ….and the list goes on and on . I know whosoever is reading this article; his/ her mouth will get filled by water...…by reading the above line. These foods not only sound good but also taste very well. We all love to have all these foods. And in such foods various fatty acids, carbohydrates and caffeine are presented in large amounts…which use to builds abundant energy in our body and this is the reason that why we have bad sleep after having junk foods. As the energy which is generated in our body is not used it is restored in our body ands does’nt allows us to sleep. This is the reason that various students and office going people use to have caffeinated drinks because they want to boost up their energy and work for longer hours…..

Similarly most of us have heard that people don’t eat food after 8 p.m .The reason behind this is same. Also foods containing dietary fibers and roughage like mango, carrot and radish are not preferred at night because this kind of foods slower down our bowel movements in stomach and which slower the excretion process.

A research shows poor sleep patterns is overall linked with eating worse diet and thus it results in high rates of obesity and metabolic diseases. Also such poor sleepy patterns results in vigorous mood swings and lazy mornings. Actually these days we are so much into our mobile phones that we hardly perform any physical workouts or exercises. Not just mobile phones, but due to hectic work schedules and busy life, we all are just eating, working and sleeping. Due to which we get various health issues. Also we get frustrated by our work which ultimately results in mental health problems .


  • The solutions to overcome these problems are –
  • Performing physical workouts
  • Doing exercises daily
  • Eating foods at least before 9p.m
  • Avoiding oily foods at night and rather prefer it to have it in afternoon

So start following the above points and have a healthy balanced that you can sleep tight

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