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How to Adopt a Healthy Living in a Busy Life?

While our lives might seem to get busier in the pursuit of success, health is indeed a wealth we cannot afford to neglect at any point in time. This generation has been fed with such ideas of success that we almost forget to adhere to our existing wealth – health!

A famous wise old saying ‘A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit doeth the bones ‘. The busy schedule that we all are endowed with will never come to a stop but we surely can take measures to adopt ways that enhance our living. 

Importance of healthy living – 

A healthy lifestyle has both short term and long-term benefits. Short term benefits like making us more active to carry out tasks effectively and efficiently. Long term benefits include maintaining a healthy weight that adds years to our life and reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

We come across people who are working for hours in front of the screen and harming their posture and eyes, laziness seems to be a new profound disease that has taken a toll on all of us and we are full of excuses when it comes to exercising and remaining fit. 

Why are we neglecting the most important wealth we possess? Why can we not bring about a change in our lifestyles to avoid untimely diseases? It’s time that we switch onto a better and healthy way of life to protect ourselves and care for our dear ones.

Below are a few ways that can help to adopt a healthy living in a busy life: -

  • Eating habits – Switch to healthy alternatives when feeling the need to munch. It is well said that our eating habits affect us a lot and this could be a major reason for build-up or destruction.

Roasted lotus seeds with a sprinkle of sea salt is a healthy alternative to ‘namkeen’, biscuits or even lays!

You can also munch onto nuts that will only provide you with the required nutrients and help you escape from unhealthy alternatives.


Usually, in the office hours, we stick to eating junk and as a result, we feel less motivated to work further, probably because we feel drowsy and lazy. It will take time to switch from the junk, but these alternatives will surely become your habit once you try them!

Add a salad to your meal and avoid junk as much as possible, the junk will only make your body lazy and nonfunctional. Now you know, this is the major reason you feel drowsy.


Give your full attention to food while eating and avoid watching tv or doing Netflix and similar things during your mealtime, this will boost your digestion and help you avoid digestive problems. refer this link for quick and healthy recipes. This video will help you detox.

  • General health – Wake up early so that you can spend some quality time with yourself before getting onto the busier part of life. Explore nature by taking a walk in the park and hear the birds chirping.

Meditation will help you to balance mental problems and motivate you to work harder as it helps you to boost self-control and eliminate the negativity.

Instead of sitting all day in front of the screen during work hours, you can suggest a change in your working environment by requesting them to organize a standing platform, which will help you take control of your weight and help you ensure fitness.

The YouTube employees are ensured with fitness by organizing an office gym to keep the employees active and enthusiastic! You never know, your suggestion might bring you a promotion! 😉 

Laugh often and spend time with your loved ones to gain a healthy environment which in turn will keep your brain healthy and productive. refer this link for learning the need to meditate. 

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