By- Isha Mathur
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Isha Mathur




MONDAY! The most annoying day of the week. Isn’t it? Are you too one of those who hates Mondays and just does not want your Sundays to end to give way to them? Well, I too dislike Mondays. In fact, surveys have revealed that most of the learning and working class hates ‘Monday’ because it apparently is recognized as the kick start of the tiring week. People identify this day of the week with stress, anxiety, nervousness, baring a few for whom it is just another fresh morning, another casual day to be productive. But, why do majority of us not feel this way?

It’s just another morning that we are usually most afraid of. The point of concern is its concrete association with the feeling of distress owing to it being the first working day of the week. The day, acting as a symbol and metaphor for starting a ‘working day’ portrays the idea that a week lies ahead of this day, which will require you to stay active in work throughout. It is that feeling of missing out relaxation and jubilation that weekend days bring.

However, what calls the mind is to make yourself understand how to effectively beat these Monday blues and stay in glee. Here are some tips!


· How about waking up early? 

Yeah yeah, I know how much you love sleeping till late and how difficult it is to wake up early specially right after a weekend day. But, consider this! Waking up 30 minutes early can actually make a difference in your day, especially when it’s an annoying Monday. I know you have been told this hundreds of times, but let me tell you my experience. Waking up a bit earlier in the morning (if you usually wake up late) can actually help you in staying ahead of your day. You can have time to finish your breakfast properly, do exercise, jot down your ‘to-do’ list and most importantly stay positive through the day. And guess what? Staying positive right on the first day of your week can surely boost you up for other working days.

· Keep things light

Now that it’s a Monday, you will be tensed about your work and consequently bury yourself in tons of work without any second thought. Do not mess with the day thinking that you have too much work to do and you won’t be able to finish it in time. Keep things light! Avoid getting into overload of tasks and patiently work on completing the existing ones. Make up your mind and think that strategizing the work can help you in getting off the overload. Try making a quick ‘To-do’ list.

· Take a break

Who told you Mondays cannot be equated with taking breaks? It is just like any other casual day, you can take breaks whenever you need them the most. Breaks are the best part of a working day, and do not let Mondays take away this bonus from you. Do not forget to take quick tea or coffee breaks!