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Neha Nautiyal


How to decide career?

Reality Check




"The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow".

    Rightly said but followed by a few. In a country like India, which has 229 million people aged between 15-24 yrs, a large part of it is still unemployed. Do you know the main reason for this?

 From the day a child is born, he is pressurized to score good marks so that he could get a so called "SARKARI NAUKRI". Nobody focuses on the skill development of a child which should be the prime agenda of parents at this age.

You must have heard people asking "Aapka ladka karta kya hai?" As if agar wo kuch nhi krega to unka kya hoga?? 

Deciding a suitable career path is crucial to survive, just as the saying goes ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAAN , YAHI TO CHAHIYE LIFE MEIN. So here i will present you the ways to discover your passion. LET'S BEGIN !!!!!!



  Yes, this might sound very cliche but this is a step which many people ignore because they are not ready to judge themselves. If you really want to have a clear approach, start by looking inside yourself. Take for an example, if you want to become a doctor so the questions that you should ask yourself are:-

  1) Will i be able to devote 5 years to this career path? (this is the basic time,otherwise it takes years of hard-work to become a good doctor)

  2) Does a subject like biology i.e. studying about humans,their internal systems etc. excite me?

  3) Will i be able to work for flexible hours? (emergency cases can come at 2:00 a.m. also)


  4) Blood all over the floor, wounds, pain of seeing somebody's death; will you be able to endure all this?

 If the above questions don't scare you off, then kudos, this is the right career path for you. But if these questions make you afraid, then my friend, you should consider to think on your decision twice.

CONCLUSION:- Before jumping into any decision, think about its consequences and aftermath because if you dwell yourself into any path without proper knowledge then this may prove disastrous in the long run.

2. EXPLORE!!!!


  This step is very important for career decision making. Let's suppose you want to join civil services. So before starting anything, take into account what are its responsibilities, what are the perks etc. Suppose you want to serve the nation, start by joining an NGO. This will not only give you an idea of your future work but you will gain experience too.


  There are around 2 million career options so make good use of this internet world. There are many jobs linked to your skills. Ask your teachers about what are the options related to your interest areas. This will help you to get a wider view of everything.


Look at this image.

This is the method Japanese people use to find their goal. This method is widely used and requires brainstorming. 

  Sit at a quiet place and take a piece of paper and pen and try to make this flowchart and complete it !!!

I am sure that this will prove to be beneficial for you.

After following the above steps, I'm sure that you will surely get clear about your ideas. 

So what are you waiting for? LET'S GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!






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