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How to Get Rid of the Habit of Eating Unhealthy?

As Anne Wigmore says, 'The food we eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or slowest of the poison'. Along with shelter and clothing, food is an equally essential element for the survival of living beings. Perhaps, drastic changes in our lifestyles have created an urgency to bring about a change in our dietary habits. 

How does eating unhealthy affect us? 

Well, the answer to this is beyond extents. Although eating unhealthy might not affect us immediately but it works like poison over time. Our eating habits might start to disrupt our well-being and lead to the development of diseases like hepatitis, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems, etc.

We come across kids and younger generations who, at a very early age, seem to be diagnosed with some of the other diseases. All of this is major because they avoid home-cooked healthy food and prefer the junk of Mac' D and Dominos. The food we eat not only affects our physical health but also influences our mental health.

We also develop habits like skipping meals and consuming fast food instead and eventually this becomes our norm, doing so keeps us away from the nutrients our body requires and invites health issues.

It’s high time that we bring about a change in our eating habits and necessitate them by spreading awareness about the effects of eating unhealthily.  

How will eating healthy affect us? 

Eating healthy will rejuvenate us and make us more active to carry out daily tasks effectively. A healthy diet is crucial for overcoming anxiety and depression. Eating a well-balanced diet full of nutrients like vitamins, proteins, calcium, carbohydrate and required fat to serve the purposes of the body. 

Adopting a healthy diet will make you more creative at work, as your brain will have the required efficiency and energy to carry out activities enthusiastically. Eating healthy will also make us look good and in the long run keep us away from diseases, indeed adding years to our life. 

Also, it is important to know the source of the food we procure and ensure organic methods of farming as consuming adulterated form of food leads to health issues.

Below are a few ways to cut down the consumption of unhealthy eating: - 

  1. Switch to healthy alternatives of snacks. You can easily do this by switching to nuts, roasted lotus seeds instead of munching on lays and fries. 
  2. Make use of multigrain or whole-wheat bread instead of regular bread.
  3. Make use of jaggery and brown sugar instead of regular sugar, this is one of the greatest changes in adopting a healthy living.
  4. Make use of home processed ‘ghee’ for cooking.
  5. Make curd and salad a part of your meal, this will help in completing the need for fibrous and digestive needs of the body.
  6. Make less use of spices as they usually harm our digestion. Food cooked in less or the right amounts of spices helps indigestion.
  7. Carry your home-cooked snacks made out of healthy ingredients when going out so that you have no option but to avoid street food or fast food.
  8. Sprouts salad and beetroot salad are a great way to remain healthy and promote good health. 
  9. Eat enough fruits and stay hydrated to keep the body charged. refer to this link to explore 5 superfoods that can help you boost immunity!

Perhaps every time we eat something, it affects our lives in a way – it could be one of the best things that happen to us or the worst, the choice is ours! Hence, choose your food wisely! 😊


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