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Vandana Kataria


How to stay Beautiful....Forever.


Hello Readers,

As you all have come to know by the title that today we are going to talk about Real Beauty through this article. But before that, it is important to know that, Can we imprison our Beauty forever?

The answer is YES, it is possible.

A person can imprison their beauty in the mind of others by his/her polite nature, kind speech, helping behavior, and of course by no-makeup natural look.

For many people, only physical beauty such as toned legs, fair complexion, long black hair, big beautiful eyes, kissable lips, and the perfect figure is more important. Whereas in reality, it should be the beauty that is reflected on your face when you talk about the thing or person you love the most.

But unfortunately, our society still gives more importance to the beauty of the face than the beauty of the soul, because even today it is believed that a person who is more Beautiful has more Qualities as compared to the person who is not so beautiful(by face). And if you think this would happen then actresses working in movies would never suffer heartbreaks or divorces.

People should understand that applying expensive makeup products on the face will only enhance the beauty of the face only and what about the beauty of the inner soul? The beauty of the inner self will be enhanced by speaking politely to everyone, your inner self will sparkle by being kind and being helpful to other living beings.

Real Beauty is when you get hurt physically for the first time while learning something new. Beauty is the dark circles that describe your hard work and struggle without using words. Beauty is when you cry all night but wake up in the morning with a hope that everything will be fine today, Believe Me! that smile of Beauty. Real Beauty is the happiness you get from doing the things you love. Being Beautiful in the real sense is when you help a needy person with your whole heart. Real Beauty is when you sacrifice something for your loved ones.

So you all have seen now how many easy steps you have to follow to maintain your Beauty. But these are all ways to preserve your inner beauty, now let's talk about some natural measures that will make you healthy and truly Graceful.

  • Drink as much water as it really cleans your body from inside and when your body will be clean then your skin will also be spotless.
  • Massage your hair twice a week with coconut and essential oil for your hair growth, this will increase your blood circulation and thus reduce stress.
  • Instead of going to huge and expensive restaurants and having unhealthy food, eat fresh fruits on daily basis, it will definitely make your skin glow naturally.
  • Use homemade natural face masks(including Multani mitti and Ubtan) instead of spending your money on artificial makeup of lifestyle products which will eventually make your skin worse with time.
  • To make your body healthy and graceful, do exercise for at least thirty minutes on your favorite music everyday, it will cheer up your mood and you will feel energetic by doing this on regular basis.

In conclusion, I would like to advise all of you that there is absolutely no need to follow more rules to be Beautiful at just need to follow only a few of them but with complete discipline, because that's more Important!

Just once in a lifetime, look at yourself without any artificial layers or expensive products, then you will get to know that Natural Beauty is much attractive and praisable that Materialistic Beauty.

Thank You!

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