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Ashwika Maria


How to stop worrying and start living


" Stop worrying. Start living. Be unstoppable. Focus on the positive. Let it go."

Such a motivating quote!! right? But most of us find it difficult to implement this in their lives. But it is not an impossible task. I am here to give my personalized opinion and tips on how to stop worrying and start living.

First of all, let's discuss 'worrying'.

Why do we worry?

It is very normal for a person to worry. We all worry about our future, our decisions, our career and the list goes on. From the day we were born, we have been worrying. Till we reached adulthood, we worried about the exams and courses to be taken. As we became adults, our worries just increased. We started worrying about our work, family, earnings, targets, retirement and what not. Worrying has become a part of our lives.

But it is not normal to only think about our worries, worrying about our worries and not living our life well. After all, happiness and peace of mind is what matters at the end of the day.

So, here are some tips and advice to get out of this worrying process.

Stop comparing

We humans are not the same. We are all born with differences. We look different and we sound different. So how do we expect everyone to perform in the same way. No one is an all rounder. But everyone has some or other talents. In that case how can we compare ourselves with others? Everyone is unique. Even identical twins are not the same.

Thus we should stop comparing and find out our own talents. And start nurturing our talents. Most importantly, be yourself.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is the worst enemy for humans. We always postponed our tasks thinking that we have time. But the time never arrives. It is better to do our things at the right time or before the right time. Otherwise we may stress out in the last minute rush. It can also decrease our self esteem.

Organize our work

One of the biggest problems we face is we don't have a plan for our daily routine. It can lead to wasting our time in unnecessary things and ignoring the important goals. Having a perfectly customised daily, weekly and monthly plans, can decrease our worries related to target achievement and progress in work.

Spend quality time with family and friends

Humans are social beings. We may be busy with our work. But we need to focus on our social life too. Spending time with our loved ones and our well wishers can boost our self confidence and self esteem. But at the same time, try to avoid toxic people and people with a negative vibe. Negative people spread negativity. And positive people spread positivity.

Be prepared for the worst situation that can come across

Don't expect a problem free life. Problems are normal in life, we must be prepared for the worst. Each time we take a decision, we must check for the failures and losses we can have. If we are mentally prepared for the worst losses, we will be easily able to cope up with worse losses.


Nowadays, meditation has become a solution for almost everything. But it is the truth. Meditation is helpful for throwing out our worries too. We find relaxation even in stressful situations. We become more peaceful, calm and with increased concentration. Meditation is a great bliss.

Rest is a must

We all work hard throughout our life. Mostly we forget the necessity of a rest. It would be the best gift we can give our body and mind. Once or twice in a year we need to go on vacations with our friends and family. That would be a great change from our monotonous lifestyle. It will make us refreshed and energetic.

Enjoy your work

To give out our hundred percent effort, we need to be interested in what we do. We won't be able to work on a long run, if we don't enjoy it. If we enjoy our work, it won't feel like work at all.

These are some of my tips to stop worrying and start living.

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