By- Jaskeerat Kaur
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Jaskeerat Kaur


I discovered a dead body.....


I discovered a dead body in the dense part of the jungle. I was on my routine work of picking dry wood from jungle. I had always been the most responsible and experienced among other family members when it comes on wood picking, my enthusiasm and energy was always appreciated in this expertise. In our village in Manipur wood picking is given the top priority, as finding the adequate size and least moisture from wood needs to be very precise and accurate, also the whole village didn’t had any facilities of LPG so everyone in the village is dependent on forest wood as their fuel, there is a race for wood in the forest every day for picking the best wood, the one who reaches fastest gets the best wood, so getting to the forest in the early morning get the privilege to pick the best wood. But that day my mother had fever and my brother and father were out for some rituals in the near town, and that reflected all the responsibilities of my house over me, and that was the reason I got late for the jungle that day. I usually went there early in the morning but that day I reached during afternoon.

Reaching there I got to realize that all the quality woods were taken by the villagers and I was forced to go to the denser part of the jungle. There only that strange phenomenon happened with me. I was wandering around for wood, and whatever I could find from stick to chaff I picked up, there was a lot of leaves on the ground. Finding myself going empty over good quality wood I went more deep.

There only between the trunks of two huge trees I found that body, back up and hands wide apart, the face was opposite to my side, lying so suspiciously between the trees, partially covered with leaves, blood everywhere. Watching a scene like this was not so common to me but I was courageous enough to go check that the person is dead or alive. With the help of stick I had I tried to poke into the back and asked if the person is alive, while doing so the leaves over his body displaced and made me notice two deep wound of knife over his back, watching that I immediately noticed the face of the guy… and there everything paused, my heart beats fasten, legs shaken, eyes numbed and the whole world paused for a while, I knew him, Ramu Uncle.

I threw all the things I had and ran directly towards the Thana and reported the Forest Guards about all the things I saw. Within hours the body was recovered, sent to post-mortem, reported to their family and friends. The whole village came to know that Ramu was dead in a suspicious manner. His family was in a great sorrow after the incident took place. Even my family as well, I myself didn’t believed that my favorite uncle was dead, we had a very shining image of him… he was a great man with a shining face, had the capacity to convert cry into laugh into seconds, he had a charm that I guess no other men would have possessed.

He was expelled from his home by his father few weeks ago due to his strange behaviour. He recently returned from Kolkata after completing his higher studies. He didn’t get any job even after securing a good degree, the job recruiters declared him incompetent and mentally unbalanced. Adding to this, he had started behaving strangely, his family was also very disappointed when they come to know about the strange behavior of him. As reported by his family Ramu became very aggressive and got angry over small things and he was always lost in his own world. Every day he had a routine to go out without informing other, for hours, like he went in the morning and came in late evening with unbalanced walk. And when they asked about where he went he would answer them bluntly and started fighting with them. Watching this suspicious behavior, Ramu’s father commanded him to leave the home as he was a shame for their family.

Ramu’s father was there in front of me crying loudly, beating his chest and calling himself a irresponsible father as he told us that his son was addicted to drugs. He also stated that his son was in wrong group and his colleagues made him like this. But when he returned to home his father thrown him out of the house instead of helping him to come out of that.

Guys, Drugs are very will not only destroy your life, your career but it will destroy your family. Please say NO TO DRUGS!!!

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