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Riya bhati



I once read somewhere do not lose hope, please believe that there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you. Sunshine comes to all who feel rain. And this made me realize how hope is the only thing next to magic which makes our lives easier, worth living. The hope that it will get better, the hope that we will survive despite it all, the faith that holds it all together that is what we fragile human hearts are made up of the never ending stubborn hope which is etched upon our hearts which leads us to go on despite the hardships we face the struggles we go through it is hope which makes it bearable the hope that at the end of darkness there will be light. The hope that after a heavy life snatching storm there will be life giving warmth of sunlight. When a person plants a plant he hopes that it may one day blossom into a tree.

Hope is when the little baby bird wait for their mother to arrive to them with food and comfort, despite not knowing anything of the outer world. Hope is when a child holds his mother's hand when afraid, knowing that she will protect him despite of anything and everything. Hope is when we imagine lovely wonderful future when we're not even sure of what tomorrow may bring hope is a beautiful thing that keeps us alive.

And if you wish to carry one thing in your heart , if you wish to believe in just one thing your entire life, be it be hope, the hope for a better tomorrow, the hope that there will always be something beautiful something splendid waiting for you . Let it be the hope that you'll get through even from the toughest of times, brave and alive and wiser. Let it be hope that wakes you up every morning and gives you the strength to live your life. Let it be hope which tucks you back to sleep knowing that tomorrow is another day another chance.

Hope is the very thing that carries you throughout your life hope is the only thing which keeps our dreamy world running so hope hope that you are exactly where you're meant to be and you may reach where you're supposed to reach in the coming time. Hope that you'll have lovely wonderful days ahead of you and hope you make it through even the toughest of days. And do not lose hope because maybe the day you think it won't happen may be day it finally decides to happen. Never underestimate the power of hope. Let it carry you throughout the life.

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