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I am a day dreamer so writing if I ran the world won’t be very tough for me because that’s what I do whole day, over think about what I am doing, what others are doing, is it right or wrong if not what can I do to do things right .

The first thing which I would like to do is provide free food to every citizen of the country irrespective of their income or bank balance. I feel its responsibility of government to provide free food to every citizen of the country because how do you expect a country to develop when citizen of that country are hungry.

Second thing which I will change in the country is bring stricter laws for child molesters. I feel children’s are like flowers they should be provided with right amount of care, love and attention. No child should go through abuse in any form – psychological, physical, sexual etc. and if a child ends up getting abused best facilities should be provided to them so they can get over that trauma and as an adult can help other children’s who have gone through same abuse.

Third thing which I would love to change in the country is make people take being healthy very seriously. I don’t want a gym obsessed generation instead I want since a young age activities such as yoga, aerobics, walking, jogging, weight lifting, mindful eating, learning how to differentiate between unhealthy and healthy food should be made compulsory because I believe the kind of peace healthy body gives nothing else can give in life.

We are a country obsessed with making doctors and engineers. Since a young age children’s are taught to ignore everything and be good at only math’s and science but I want schools to promote art, sports subjects like humanities with same enthusiasm and create job with good pay in these fields to so that people are motivated to become an artist, sport person, archaeologist, teacher etc.

And I will end this article by telling you last thing I will do in the country.

I am a big fan of harry potter world if I end up ruling the country I will make sure every city in the country will have a Hogwarts and you all will be Gryffindor, slytherin, hufflepuff or ravenclaw. We all will be, actually not we but kids will be learning and running in the grounds of Hogwarts if I run the country.

Till than goodbye from your very own SHIEKH CHILLI

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