By- Ranisha Agrawal
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Ranisha Agrawal


If winning is everything then why do they keep a score ?

If winning isn't everything then why do they keep a score?

“There are winners , there are losers and there are people who have not yet  learned  how to win”.

Let us take an example if suppose I gave an exam and the results are out and they only gave the list of qualified and the non-qualified without giving their scores individually .Here we are happy we don’t get scores because we are afraid of our parent’s wrath but the problem lies if suppose I didn't qualify for the exam then how will I know the margin by which I lacked and the key areas where I lack. If the scores were given then I could have  easily understood where I was lacking and would have put in extra efforts in those areas. So according to me, Scores must be definitely given irrespective of the results. ‘Improvement at every point in life is quite essential’.

In a similar way a theory paper can be  cracked by cramping things for  students who are good at cramping but maybe difficult for those who have practical skills but lack cramping .

Winning is not everything but grabbing each and every opportunity according to your interest matters.But exposure is equally important because if you don’t try new things then how will you know what interests you and what not?

Being out of your comfort zone is the hardest thing to do but the worthiest of all.

The most crucial thing grabbing opportunities does not means being the last one or the laziest one in line.Be a ruler , be the first one to grab every opportunity because there are minds more eager and smarter than you.Identifying interests helps us to evaluate each and every alternative with pros and cons  and with scores.

“Scores help us to get a clear mindset where we are first and where at worst”

Participation and enjoying things are more crucial than a certificate of position.

Few win and others not but those who have failed will definitely try in another game, considering he works hard and again does not win the next game, he again works hard and plays time after time until finally he wins.

In this way they tend to get experience of a  variety of things and get to know their best possible field .

A learner and an adaptable person often scores good boundaries .

You will satisfied now .Trust me opening yourself up will.

If your team is winning without much of your efforts then the team might win but individually no development has taken place .

Further if you put your best efforts but still lose at least you developed yourself.

Without scores you can't measure the statistics of performance.


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