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Reality Check


Today, I am here to discuss something crucial. 

Personally, I observed myself and noticed that naturally I am adapting to tackle situations in the real life with the solutions shown in reel lives. 

I asked myself that how i am behaving in a way of treating my life as a movie? This made me realize the impact of cinema on our minds! 



Let's get deeper! 





We all are a part of that generation where people intend to live in a virtual world and not in the real world. As most of us are very fond of watching movies, we think that the real world is same as the reel world. This is from where even most of the stereotypes takes its national recognition. When we are stuck in a problem which is similar to that of the actors, we adopt the same ways of getting out of it as they did which ends up as an absolute disaster. We are so habitual of living in this virtual world that it later takes a lot of years to get out of it and step in the real world. For a kid, life may be a fairy tale and for adults, life is a movie.  








       Movies highly influences the 12–13-year-old kids who watch romantic movies and think life is nothing just getting the one whom you love, getting that much money in which, you and your beloved would be able to live your life happily is what life is all about. They've got to understand that life is certainly not like “TERE NAAM”. or “AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL”. It's not that easy, and it's not always a happy ending. Until you work hard and stick to your values with your every heartbeat, you're not getting Also there is a big difference in the virtual world too, It’s not the REEL world, It’s the FAKE world. Though most of us should stop stereotyping people. There are many good movies where we can draw inspiration from, and also some situations are depicted as close to reality as possible. Bollywood’s dialogues are pretty much fun to use in real life and not taking them seriously is the best way to enjoy them. Escaping into the reel-world during the movie is fine but applying them to our real-world is what gets us into trouble. The actors are doing their job and so you’ve to do. The life behind the curtains is completely different from the life that is actually projected on the screen. 




      The real world of information has become indistinguishable from the virtual, and with new technologies the virtual world has become far more expansive and convincing. This change has meant that it is now possible to separate all of our real physical identity from the virtual representation of ourselves in the virtual world. It seems that when interacting online, it is extremely difficult or nearly impossible to completely separate your online persona from your real and physical persona. Now, the virtual is getting closer and closer to reality, and soon we may not be able to distinguish these worlds from each other.  



Conclusively, readers please be aware and stay in your senses.  

These are the small things which have a huge impact on our lives.  

I wish the best for your future and hope we'll meet next time with something new! 

Till then, Keep smiling and take care of yourself! 


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