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Impact of Flipkart takeover by Walmart

Key Facts

  • Walmart, the largest e-commerce giant acquired a controlling stake of 77% in Flipkart ( India’s largest e-commerce company by market share) by investing $16 Billion.
  • With the deal India will now have Walmart, Amazon and Paytm Mall as the key players to compete in the Indian e-commerce market
  • The deal will help Flipkart leverage Walmart’s omni-channel retail expertise and general supply chain knowledge. Walmart aims to extend their B2B sales across India through this acquisition. 
  • Walmart has a strong global physical presence in retail space but lacks in e-commerce. This deal can spur their online presence in Indian markets.
  • Both Flipkart and Walmart shall maintain separate brands and operating structures. 

Why did Walmart acquire Flipkart?

  • As per Morgan Stanley, India’s online retail is set to grow by 1,200% to $200 billion ( 30% CAGR) by 2026 from $15 billion in 2016. Average wages are rising by 2% annually and internet penetration is also growing as data costs are becoming more competitive. This makes Indian e-commerce space lucrative.
  • Flipkart has the largest market share in e-commerce, so with this acquisition Walmart can achieve next leg of growth in India with Flipkart’s 175 million registered user base. 

Positive Impact of Acquisition on Indian Economy:

1.Low costs, more assortment: With the internet business monsters seeking the best position, item separation and confinement will bring more assortment and make a different item bin at low costs, this will profit the Indian shoppers. 

2.Research and development: For more noteworthy market infiltration the nation over, proficiency is the key which accompanies more R&D. Walmart is known for its way of life of development and administration. This can help in scaling up Walmart's business scale in India which can produce more income and make innovative overflows and learning impact for homegrown firms also. The improved complex nature of the items will provoke outside interest for Indian merchandise. 

3.Insurance Benefits: As the world's biggest retail monster pours reserves, it will prompt all the more such interests in internet business. The Indian web based business market space was evaporating as financing ebbed following liquidity issues because of Demonetization and GST bottlenecks. Walmart's entrance will usher new assets and revive online business environment as more unfamiliar firms and financial speculators enter India . 

With internet business monsters redoing their plans of action, Indian internet business market is required to see expansive based development with better profitability. 

4.Monetary Growth: Walmart will extend across their verticals which will support yield development and increment work openings. With positive business notions, it will be a force to financial development and private enterprise. The arrangement will be liable to burden in India so income gains will add to homegrown income receipts 

5.Productive Supply Chain: Expansion of internet business requires proficient store network and coordinations which require infrastructural improvement. This will give a fillip to Indian horticulture and foundation and advantage ranchers as they would have the option to oblige more interest as Walmart shares its broad involvement with retailing, coordinations and stock and production network the board. This can particularly help the transitory merchandise industry which is Walmart's strength. 

6.Occupation CREATION: With greater venture streaming in Indian economy particularly in retail space, limit usage will improve . Yield and profitability development can make new business openings for both talented and incompetent work . 

7.ESOPS( Employee investment opportunities): Many existing workers will make bonus gains through this arrangement from their investment opportunities. This will boost the passage of more specialists in internet business who had before fled the area because of the slump in the area and can likewise assimilate laborers from old blocks and concrete and customary enterprises which can help in formalization of a greater amount of Indian workforce. 

PREMJI INVEST is required to acquire up to multiple times from this arrangement as its offer in Myntra (purchased by Flipkart in 2014) is additionally being obtained by Walmart. The increases are relied upon to be more than $130 million on the $25 million venture. This will prompt inflow of more subsidizes pouring in Indian economy as gains draw in more financial specialists from India and abroad.

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