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Importance of Critical Thinking for youth

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Critical thinking is the basic requirement of our life. The following article glorifies the importance of Critical thinking and how the youth can learn and apply it in their day-to-day lifestyle.

Critical thinking is a part of our life. We are unaware of the fact that we practice Critical thinking very often. It helps us to think about particular matters, find their solutions, and make out their consequences.

Surprising right?

Let’s prove it with some examples.

Think about the last time you solved some kind of puzzle or think about the last time you mapped out the shortest route possible for your destination. All of these were your Critical thinking abilities.

The fact that you tried to arrange the puzzle in a manner that they match is a characteristic of Critical thinking. Similarly when you ignore the basic routes of your destination and think of that route that is beneficial for you the most is a part of Critical thinking. Perhaps we can say that critical thinking assists us to make decisions that suit us the most.

What is Critical thinking?

Critical thinking is the approach of thinking clearly and most importantly thinking rationally about various aspects and forming a connection between those ideas.

Critical thinking can also be described by the fact that you can reason.

The process by which you determine whether you are reading genuine or a piece of fake news is your ability to think critically.

Critical thinkers will conclude with the help of logical facts and reasons rather than intuitions and certain instincts.

Critical thinking and the Youth

Until now, you must have understood the importance of Critical thinking. Let’s discuss how critical thinking has a direct relationship with the youth and how it benefits them on day to day basis.

The youth is one of the most influential groups in the world and they can achieve anything with the help of critical thinking.

Skills required for Critical Thinking:

Always think about the topic in a critical manner

We should always have a mindset to think about certain aspects critically as it enhances our thinking abilities. We should be prepared with an objective to support our arguments.

Look out for the possible logical arguments about the desired matter

Thinking critically just isn’t enough. We should always look for the arguments logically concerning our topic. This helps to pre-determine our objectives

Acknowledge all the weak points and the negative facts regarding your argument

Human beings are never perfect hence we should always look for our weak points and the negative facts which can make our arguments less effective.

Present reasoning in a structured manner to support your argument

No one is attracted to those arguments which are presented in a very messed up manner. Hence we should always have our arguments in a structured manner to justify them.

Building Critical thinking in Youth:

Evaluate information

Whenever we receive any kind of information we tend to believe it easily which is completely wrong. We should always evaluate the information we have received. If we notice it closely any person who is a professional in a specific field tends to evaluate all the information he is receiving to believe it. We should possess the same quality.

Feeling of curiosity

Suppose we heard something from a person and we want to know more about it then that thought process is termed as a curiosity. We should always be curious enough to ask the question ‘why’.This helps in exploring various fields and information which are hidden from us. This helps in Critical thinking.

Promoting interests

When we are interested in a particular topic then we seek to acquire maximum knowledge about it which helps us to become more aware of the things concerning that matter. Similarly, we should try to show our interest in various matters as it helps us to grow our ability of Critical thinking.

Learning problem-solving skills

Whenever we are facing a problem our brains either stop thinking or they think in an abnormally fast manner which provides us multiple solutions that we can implement in our day-to-day activity to tackle it. This is a way of Critical thinking. If we develop these problem-solving skills then our critical thinking will enhance automatically.

In Summary:

  • Critical thinking deals with the ability to think about matters critically.

  • It helps us to provide arguments with proper reasons and in a very structured manner.

  • The youth is the most influential people in the world who can learn and implement Critical thinking in their lifestyle easily.

  • The skills which are required to learn how to implement critical thinking and come to certain conclusions with reasonable arguments.

  • Critical thinking is practiced by everyone hence it is important not just for the youth but for everyone. 

Thank you for giving your valuable time to this article.

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