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Divya Singh


In what ways does art influence our everyday life?


Generally, art is recognized as a piece of work merely kept in a gallery or museums. However, there is so much more to art than what you see in the closed four walls. The truth lies in the fact that art plays a very important role in our everyday life, without us being aware of it. With the art that we are surrounded by, ranging from paintings in our house, videos to even music. All such types of arts can positively influence us, to gain a positive perspective towards life. Different types of arts can make us happier and rejuvenated. Whether it is about decorating or innovating our house, we opt for such things that makes it a joyful sight.

Looking at figurines or sculptures in the kitchen windowsill can fill us with a sense of joy that makes cooking a soothing experience. After all, people spend lakhs just to make their interior look impeccable and soothing to their view. The art of music plays a very important role in uplifting our mood if we're feeling low and gloomy. Energetic music, in that case, can revive us. Music helps you to set the mood for all kinds of everyday situations. Similarly, when you're stressed, relaxing to calming music can help de-stress.

Talking about inspirational art, employees at work are usually encouraged by posters around the office walls. The messages it spreads helps to keep the employees at work motivated. Certain offices have a working environment that facilitates soothing background music to keep the employees relaxed. There may be a piece of art that you own personally and indeed that helps you to stay motivated. Some people even keep a poster of their favourite Hollywood/Bollywood actors to motivate themselves for the gym!

Let us talk about the man who knew the importance of art and abused the wisdom behind it, Steve Jobs. People who buy his products are merely buying it because they 'like it', they like how it is designed and how it favours the elite.

Perhaps, the products we use in our everyday life is a reflection of what we boast to be and reflect our art of likeliness towards our choices. Art is holistic and so is life. The two are interrelated to quite an extent. The language we speak and communicate in is an art. Usually, people who have soft skills can convince others easily. While a hot-headed person might not be having enough control on his tongue to watch his words.

A person’s lifestyle is an art itself. The everyday chores we come across is influenced by our ideas of handling it. From simple kitchen hacks to less time-consuming techniques of cleaning the house, all of this is an art itself. Knowingly or unknowingly we are surrounded by art in our everyday lives. There may be a form of art that might influence us negatively but at the end of the day, we are to be responsible for it. Hence choose your art carefully and make life a positive journey!

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