By- Sumit Raj Jha
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Sumit Raj Jha


Indian Superstitions

Reality Check

Hi, in this article I am going to discuss about some superstitions.

We all live in 21st century but some of us believe in superstitions because they may experienced it in their lives. but, some superstitions has their scientific meaning too like do not stand under "Peepal tree" in night because we know that plants, during day time intakes Carbon Dioxide and releases Oxygen but during night they intakes Oxygen and releases Carbon Dioxide which is harmful for us this is the logic behind that superstition.

Now let's talk about some famous superstitions:

  • Black cat Crosses the path

We all know that whenever a black cat crosses our path its not good as it is considered as Abshagun. And many peoples may have experienced that and it is also said that wait for sometime if cat crosses your path.

  • Dahi- Chini

I am sure that everyone of us know about this superstition. Everyone's Mother must have told that whenever we are going to do a good thing we must eat Curd and sugar(Dahi-shakkar) because its Shagun and it makes things good for us. We know this is just an superstition but, we all must have believed in this during our exams especially in that subject we fears most.

  • Crying of Dogs/ Cats

We all know have heard that if dog or cat is crying then its a signal that something bad is going to happen and its true sometimes as I have experienced it a lot of times. But it is not necessary that dog always cry when something bad is going to happen as dogs cry when they gets injured too.

  • Cawing of Crow

It is said that if a crow is cawing continuously facing at someone's house then it is a possibility that some guest is going to come at that house and it mostly becomes true. I have experienced this superstition many times but maybe most of us don't believes in these superstitions.

  • Blinking of an Eye

We all have heard that in case of Men's blinking of Right Eye is considered as a good signal and blinking of Left Eye is considered as bad signal. While in Women's it is opposite. I sometimes believe in this superstition but its never happened with me.

  • Hanging of Nimbu Mirchi On Main Door

Outside almost every Hindu house on main door Nimbu - Mirchi hangs on door as it is said that hanging lemon and chilies on door then, evil's eye will never be on that house. I don't believe in this superstition as it is just a myth. There is evil' eye type things in this world.

We have heard many more superstitions like breaking of glass/mirror is bad, Never sleep facing North direction, Having hiccups means someone is remembering us, "Khaali Kainchi mat cahalao" is a common thing we have heard from our parents as it is considered that by doing this there will be fight in home and many more superstitions are there in India.

CONCLUSION: In India there is no end of superstitions and some superstitions has scientific reason behind it and many of us have experienced some superstitions. How many of you have experienced these superstitions or any other superstitions and do you believe in it?

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