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Indian Traditions And Science Behind Them


India owns various rituals, cultures and traditions that are popular and practiced all around the world. Some of the traditions Indians have been following since ages and are still in practice in the Indian households, surprisingly these traditions are equally popular outside India as well.

1. Namaskar /Joining palms together

Namaste or Namaskar is the Indian style of greeting, a means of giving respect to each other. While joining palms together, we join the tip of fingers together, creating pressure areas on ears, mind and eyes. pressing of these points together help us remember that person for a long time.

2. Wearing toe rings

Married Indian women normally wear silver rings on the second toe, a particular nerve is present in the second toe connects the uterus and passes to heart, regulating healthy blood flow to it.

3. Bells in Temple

People ring the bell on entering the temples, the sounds of ringing bells clear our minds and increases concentration power. The sound of bells also creates unity in the left and right part of human brain.

4. Eating spicy food first and sweet in the end

Scientifically, spices activate the acids and digestive juices which boosts the human digestive system efficiently, eating sweets in the end brings down the digestive process to an end as it contains carbohydrates. Hence, spices are eaten first and sweets are always served last.

5. Not sleeping with head towards north

The human body has magnetic whereas Earth is a giant magnet. When sleeping with head pointing towards north, body's magnetic field becomes asymmetrical to that of the Earth's causing problems related to blood pressure.

6. Ear  Piercing

Piercing ear prevents ear channels from disorders also our insolent behaviors. It boosts decision making power, power of thinking and development intellect. You should definitely get a piercing today.

7. Touching elders feet

Whenever we touch the feet of the elderly people their hearts emit positive thoughts and cosmic energy, which they transmit from one end to the other. The cosmic energy is stored in the tips of fingers and toes so when we touch foot of elder people it transfers to the one who touches their feet.

8. The OM mantra

Chanting the Om mantra is believed to lower blood pressure and controls the heart rate. When OM is pronounced after a few deep breathes, it improves the sense of alertness and concentration in human beings.

9. Toran decoration

Toran are used for decoration made out of fresh leaves. Fresh green leaves purifies the air and makes surrounding neat and clean, it is because the hygienic atmosphere are considered necessary for any auspicious event like weddings or festivals. Preferably, mango leaves are used to make toranas and tied at the entrance of the residence

to add elegance to the ceremony.

10. Idol worship

A man shapes his thoughts according to what he sees. In ancient time, people initiated idoltry so that man can absorb the shape of idols in their mind and increase concentration power during prayers.

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