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vivek negi


Inner Monologue


My day started at 6:00 am. I called my friends to play. I get only two days out of my busy schedule to invest with my friends. We united near a friend's apartment to move to the playground. A day before,we had a fight with the playground gardener over the plucked grass for which he blamed us and ordered us to never play again. My friends and I never take orders so we went again.

As usual, I was stumped on the first ball. Always wondered, why am I playing with these academy players? The answer was clear from another side...... for fielding. It filled the area with laughter. Even the old grand-uncle, complete stranger, laughed so much when I was stumped. We play for 2-3 hours straight and rested for some time on the ground. It was like waiting for the gardener to come and spice our life. It happened as we expected, from the rage of the grounded stumps he came with ferocious angry looks and grabbed the stumps, and thrown them. It made a few laughed aloud and few got angry for those "tough but old" stumps of different sets. Again we went on for a fight over the plucked grasses and again he blamed it completely on us. There is another ground attached to ours; everyday wet but still no sign of grass. The gardener never sees it except our ground. After the fight, we had biryani and samosas on a sunny morning.

Reached home at 10:00 am and begin my work. My wonderful college whose name I will not tell (MGM) gave us whole semester assignments, practicals, copy submissions, and sessionals collectively just before semesters. This is my first year In the course and its appearing as if I'm working for the organization during peak hours which is never-ending. Over 60 handwritten pages in 3 days were nothing for us, according to college.

While working I got a call from my intern executive for my incomplete submissions. The call literally felt like another assignment that popped out of nowhere. No matter how humbly she reacted to my situation it felt like an order.And as you guys know my friends and I never listen to orders. I did what I planned.

After the long 2 days of work, it was time for a movie, and I watched "The Prom".Guys it is a very good movie I watched it because it has good IMDB ratings(no friends, the actress was cute that's why I watched it). The movie is about the ill mentality of Indiana state about the LGBTQIA+ community.

Somewhere or the other Indiana is similar to India. Every time feminist issues rise, all men and women start blaming.

"Instead of telling girls to be afraid teach boys to respect"

"Not every boy is the same"

"Skirts are no wrong, boys eyes are"

These are few Instagram stories that come after feminist issues.

What really should matter is a human rights violation, no gender should come in between. I think these all are the heir of the society we live in, full of complexes.

The day people start looking at humane nature over gender no such words will be there.

With this, I spent an extra hour thinking about all these irrational mind thoughts, the constant poking of discrimination.

My day is not finished yet so let's see where does my mind take me to ......which topic is missing? what if I skip my work? how to study without studying?

Hahaha, I hope I find this answer really fast.

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