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Instagram: The False Reality | Drawbacks of Instagram


Social media initially was used to spread messages and news faster across to masse, but now it is only used as a marketing platform to sell ideas and products. There are many advantages of using social media from gaining knowledge and information the fastest social media has growing disadvantages on the general population.

854. 5 million people use Instagram, in 2020, but not all use it for leisure. Instagram does update us about trends, fashion, art and entertainment, but it subconsciously negatively affect our psyche. Here's a list of a few of the drawbacks that I gathered from my experienced and others:

  • Time: we have all hear our parent say we waste too much time on our and phone. That constant nagging is irritating us, but if you think about it, we do waste a lot of time on it. Especially Instagram. Form the moment we open our eyes, we look for our phone, laying in the bed we scroll through our Instagram feed for a very long time. We care what Kylie's posted, or what Beyonce had for lunch, but we don't care about is the amount of time we have wasted looking at their story or liking random posts. Since reels have done added to Instagram, people are spending more time in the app. The reason behind if it requires lesser effort in scrolling and eye movement than discover section.

  • Share too much: we feel obliged to share all our information that platform. From the first "I woke up like this" selfie, to meals and all the things we share. These pictures are not clicked for the purpose of making memories but to share the happening life we all are living. Instagram is a platform that is available to people of all ages. Aforementioned glamourises flatform attracts an audience of all kind including predators and paedophiles. The underage audience is extremely exposed to these predators. by sharing your location of the cafe you visited to have that coffee can disclose a piece of very sensitive information. Oversharing is dangerous in all the way, but on social media can attract so much danger.

  • Play Pretend: watching all the celebrities and influencers portraying a lavishing lifestyle on the Instagram some people mimic the lifestyle by sending money beyond their limits. Making large expenses on the products that specific celebrity endorses and get paid for. What we don't understand is that we are spending money and they are making money. People pretend that they can keep up with that lifestyle such as the celebrity but get into depts.

  • Comparison: we have all had those days when we are not feeling good about ourselves. We doubt our capacity and capabilities, don't feel confident and are worried about career and life. In those moments we tend to compare oneself with the others more if a picture of someone taking a vacation in Bahamas pop up on our screen. This makes us more anxious and worried. We wish we had or life sorted like that popcorn.

  • Harass: on Social media platforms, everyone feels entitled to their opinion. Everyone has an outlook and feel free to express. Sometimes they use this freedom in the wrong way. People feel obliged to point out other people's flaws, not shy away from commenting about other people and harassing them irrespective of the content. Spreading hate comment has become a commonplace on social media platforms. Instagram especially is dangerous because the audiovisual format of the social media platform associates the opinions with the face.

  • High Jump: Looking at other people's portrayal of a highly functioning life on Instagram sets a limit. People make assumptions that what we see on social media is the general norm and standard. Anything below this is unacceptable. In reality, these limits are not everyone's reach. Thus creates a false reality in the society which harm people who are unable to meet the expectations.

  • Sales: pictures we of celebrities are highly faced tuned and achieved after spending years and a lot of money on surgery. Young people, aspire to achieve that look and appearance end up feeling self-conscious if they are not able to. Most of the time, a product endorsed by celebrities are sponsorships only, they don't use it themselves. But the audience believes it all and end up getting disappointed after not achieving the same results.

In conclusion, the false idea sold by Instagram is creating a toxic environment. Disconnecting oneself from Instagram won't solve the problem. Using it wisely is the only way o use it. Appreciate the artist and art and don't criticise unless you are an expert your self.

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