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Interesting Facts about Indian Wedding Customs.

Hello Readers,

As we all are witness to the fact that India is a country famous for its traditions, rituals, hospitality and of course weddings. People around the world love to attend, witness, and capture our beautiful Big Fat Weddings. And here, Weddings are just a way to escape from your daily boring routine and attend to your loved one's precious moments of life. People tend to enjoy it a lot at weddings, as it is one and the only way to meet your cousins, enjoying night stays, playing stupid games, showing off your clothes and accessories, learning new rituals, and much more. In short, a Wedding in the Indian style is undoubtedly equal to way too much fun and lifelong memories. But have you ever think about about the basic yet logical customs that are followed in Indian Weddings since our childhood? Besides having a common reason they do have a deep and scientific purpose also, which I am going to share through this article. So let's begin:-

HENNA (Mehendi)

It's a custom and well-known myth that a bride without the beautiful Henna on her hands and feet is not considered as a complete bride, even the groom has to apply and follow the Henna tradition on his hands before one or two days of marriage. But have you ever think about the scientific reason behind it? Psychologists have proved that the bride and the groom tend to take stress about their marriage and future 20 times more(before their wedding) which can cause them fever or any other stress-related issues. Applying Henna on their hands can relieve their stressful mind from having unnecessary tension as henna has a soothing and cooling effect. It can also cure other skin infections like fungal and helps to make the cuticles stronger than before. Therefore this Henna tradition is added in the Wedding rituals not for the myth but for the scientific reason which is beneficial for both- bride and groom.


The turmeric paste mixed with gram flour and the essential oil is applied to the revealing parts of the couple's body like arms, legs, face, back, and neck. The myth behind this custom is that Haldi paste is helpful to add the natural radiant glow on the face of the groom and the bride, also it prevents all kinds of paranormal activities around them considering the auspicious nature of this custom. But talking about the scientific reason 'Turmeric' is also known as the 'Marvel Herb' due to its astonishing and amazing properties. It kills all the bacteria and is considered to be the best natural body scrub to remove dirt from the body. It is applied to the whole body(almost) to attain all the benefits of it and that's why it is important to follow this custom to clean and make the couple's skin beautiful before their Wedding.


The red vermilion powder is applied on the middle partition of the bride's hair by her groom not only on the day of the wedding but every day till her husband is alive. The Sindoor also has some beneficial scientific reasons like the red vermilion powder contains a tint of metal, an inconsiderable amount of mercury, and turmeric which makes the bride feel relaxed. It also arises some erotic and passionate element in her automatically and that's why the unmarried and widow women are strictly suggested not to wear it at any cost. (I am sure that you all must not be aware of the scientific reason and benefits of applying sindoor)


The custom of taking oaths around the holy fire by the bride and groom is going on for centuries, isn't it! But have you ever wonder, why the couple takes vows around the fire and not on any other natural force? The reason behind this is that fire is considered to be a very strong and spiritual purifier for the atmosphere, it also vanishes the negativity and evil spirits from around and makes the environment blissful. The essential ingredients like wood, oils, and herbs are added to the holy fire which is not only beneficial for the couple(staying near it till the completion of their wedding) but also the people attending the auspicious event. The ingredients mixed with the fire creates a translucent or unclear smoke which is very essential and beneficial for each and every person attending the wedding.


Well, this fact is the most fascinating and amazing one as there is a mathematical reason behind it. It's an unarguable myth that taking life-long promises around the fire makes the future and relationship of the couple unbreakable but let's see an interesting fact behind this:

A couple takes seven complete rounds around the holy fire or Yagya and according to geometry, each circle is measured as 360 degrees. Now all the one-digit whole number from 0 to 9 completely divides 360 except the number seven, therefore the number of circles or phere taken by a couple is seven showing that no other energy to negative power can break and divide this pure form relationship.

So they were some interesting, scientific and beneficial facts about Indian Wedding which makes our customs more unique and fascinating from any other culture. There are other amazing and interesting facts behind various cultures nut being an Indian and a Country Lover I really admire my traditions and customs due to the fact that they are way too colorful, full of emotions, praises spirituality, and gives importance to each and every culture and that's

The beauty of Our India.

Thank You!

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