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How to make progress against Indoor air pollution?

We all are aware of the fact that outdoor air pollution badly affect our health. But only ,a few us are aware that indoor air pollution can also be potential health hazard.

INDOOR Air Pollution :

It is so because 80%of our time is spent indoors.Poor indoor air quality is source of many diseases like asthma ,lung ailments etc.

people suffering from asthma suffer the most.Old people who have to be indoor may suffer from pollution-related lung decision.

INDOOR POLLUTANTS And their effects:

. There are many indoor

pollutants.For example,a ⚜cigarette smoking in the room pollute inside air .

⚜Pets like dogs and cats are also the source of many allergens.

⚜air freshners ,mosquito coils and repellent paints and cleaning products also impurity the air.

⚜dust mites in beds and furnishing also cause many allergies.

⚜Those who use stoves and heaters inside the room add Carbon dioxide to the air which is bad for our health

Symptoms of poor air Quality



📍Diffculty in breathing

📍Coughing and sneezing

📍Dryness and irritation of


Is Indoor air pollution is More dangerous for us Or not??

In Industrialized countries,90%people spend their time in indoor like mines

We always think that outdoor air pollution Have a great impact on our heath but in reality Indoor air pollution is five time higher than outdoor air pollution.Indoor air pollution is one of the leading factor for death.According To WHO,1.6 millon people die per year due to indoor air pollution.

Action against indoor air pollution :

🔘Dont allow other to smoke.

🔘Avoid if possible,ventilate room during and after use.

🔘Avoid pets if possible do not allow them into pets.

🔘Change beds and mattress regularly or dry them in sunlight periodically.

🔘Skip fire.

🔘Open Window of your home during cooking

🔘Ban on Smoking

🔘Check your indoor air quality.


At last ,I want conclude that there are lot of people dont know about indoor air pollution .It is our duty to make aware every person about indoor air pollution.

We can do much to reduce the level of indoor air pollution.

We need to check our habits like smoking ,and cooking indoors.We should avoid pets or at least dont allow them into bed

Only ,individual effort can help reduce air pollution ,whether it is indoor or outdoor .

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