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Is bollywood destroying mindset of youth ?

Reality Check

Here it goes.

It's really an interesting and serious question at the same time, Bollywood is our own entertainment industry but at times we have seen that it went beyond entertainment it really affected us.

Bollywood modifies lifestyle of the youth

I'm sure that anybody above 20 years will be perfectly familiar with this :

Yeah this is the famous tere naam hairstyle.

I bet you saw that hairstyle quite frequently in 2003 and later. Even nowadays you can spot some legend bhaitard having this hairstyle.

And you must also be familiar with this :

Yeah that's the famous ghazini hairstyle.

It was very popular among teenagers during 2008–2010.

It's not like that only hairstyle of youth is affected by movies, movies and movie stars of bollywood also affect dressing sense, for example :

Amitabh bachchan in famous pants of 70s and 80s

Off shoulder tops of 90s

High waist jeans


All this was just a glimpse of the trends which we followed and still following just because of bollywood, we want to look like our favourite movie star, we admire them , we dress like them.

That's OK but problem arises when we start following the bad things too. Here is a list of bad things which we adapted from bollywood :

  1. Having multiple number of girlfriends is cool.
  2. Love and all that bullshit movies taught us (I'm not against love), movies always portray that love is above everything, to be more precise love between girl and boys of 20s, well i believe it's the most crucial age to build our career but we admire our stars so we engage in such bullshit and ruin our future.
  3. Using F word and other vulgar words is cool.
  4. Crime is cool, if you hate someone kill them or beat the crap out of them because the girls will go crazy for you after you do so.
  5. Sanskari girls are given a new nametag behanji.

There are numerous other thins too but that will make the answer unnecessarily long.

Conclusion - Bollywood has made some really great movies,it shows us everything - the good and the bad, it's upto us what we grasp. But youth specially teenagers are affected the most. Personally I feel movies must give a clear message that bad is bad, it's never cool.

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