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Is generation gap a major social problem

Have you felt that people who are closer to your age in compare to those who are older or younger than you...must understand you

.If you felt like this ,it mean you feel generation gap...

A generation gap or is a distinction of reviews among one technology and every other concerning beliefs, politics, or values.

In today era ,generation gap create hole in the parent children relationship. .

Reason behind generation gap:

📍Parents do not treat their child as their age .Unncessary worry of the parents about their kids..

📍Difference between their ideas because children thought that their parents thoughts are old ,so they dont take suggestion from their parents.

📍Parents do not aware modern world and children lifestyle different as their parents expectation.

📍It can be education gap.It also occurs between teachers and students but the degree of gap is less because they do not spend much time with each other. .

📍The growing technology can also be thought to affect family relationship and could be the major reasons for conflicts


➰ Difficulty in relationship with parents may lead to drunk addiction and drinking of alcohol

➰Decrease in social value overtime.

➰Generation gap Cause stress and differences among them

➰As teen grow up they experience conflict and develop unfavourable attitudes towards adults

➰Lack of understanding that exists between different age group.

➰Destroy the ideas of old people

➰Increase violence among children

➰The teenager is closely connected to making important life decisions like career paths


🎗 Be Reasonable

🎗 communicate with them ( give to each other time)

🎗Spend time with your children like go for holiday, see movies with them

🎗 children should listen the idea of their parents

🎗Parents should indulge in children activities like homework,painting etc

🎗Trying to understand their children world

🎗 Children show love and care towards their grandparents..

🎗Parents should abolish their conservative thinking.

🎗 Both parents and children should change their attitude

🎗 Respecting the traditional values


I believed that neither parents or children are alone is responsible for generation gap .This is happen due to change of generation .

Parents should be aware about their children. This can be decreased by little compromise of both

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