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Varun K Gupta


Is India ready for AI in coming years?


As we all know that India is the fastest developing country worldwide. we have a lot of population and also majority of them are youngsters. So basically AI is more demanding in India each and every field like agriculture, education, transportation, entertainment, in fact each sector needs AI here.

I have some points that how AI is useful for human.


Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is the largest source of livelihood in India. 70 % of its rural household still depend on agriculture. In 2017-2018, total food grain production was estimated at 275 million tones (MT). As basically Indians have occupation of agriculture, AI as a technology will surely benefit farmers to do smart farming, where it'll reduce the physical labor, time saving, and smart ways to do agriculture.


An educator spends a tremendous amount of time grading homework and tests. AI can step in and make quick work out of these tasks while at the same time offering recommendations for how to close the gaps in learning. There is much potential for AI to create more efficient enrollment and admission process.

Tutoring and support outside the classroom, ask any parent who has struggled to help their teenager with algebra, and they will be very excited about the potential of AI to support their children when they are struggling at home with homework or test preparation.

'There is a need for AI in many other sectors too'

Artificial intelligence will be very helpful in making the life of people easy but everything has its own advantages and disadvantages

Now talk about disadvantages

.Risk of unemployment : Poor people are at risk of losing jobs because all the work without getting tired AI gets done very easily, there is already a lot of unemployment in India.

.High cost of implementation : Setting up AI based machine entails huge amount. Do you know how much it cost apple to acquire its virtual assistant SIRI? The high cost of implementation is evident from the fact that amazon acquired Alexa for $26 million in 2013.

.Lacks creativity : Human brains are characterized by immense sensitivity and high emotional quotient. AI can become skilled machines but they can never acquire the abilities of the human brain.

'Success in creating AI would be biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might be the last unless we learn how to avoid the risks'

-professor Stephen Hawking

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