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Urvi Shah


Is Indian Education System Reliable enough?

Reality Check

 From Gurukuls to Digital classrooms we developed, but the thing that didn’t lost its essence was education. It is said intelligence + character building is true goal of education. But it seems far enough if we try to justify this statement according to present education sector’s scenario. Why is India still a developing country? How long would it take to become developed? This questions strikes me whenever I think of Indian Education System. The potential in our system is GREAT but is not utilized to full potential. Our system is one of the oldest systems and needs some improvements.    Indian Education sector ranks 92 which is far behind ranks of other developing countries like Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Literacy rate in India is only 74%.

Some of the drawbacks of Indian education system are as follows:

·       Rattafication ( Rote learning)

This has been a major issue faced by students. The thing is students are judged only on the basis their of memorizing power. But is it sufficient just memorize chapters? Anyone can do rattafication but it’s important for a person to understand and apply the concepts. That’s the reason why we all can easily relate with song ‘ Ratta Mar. The same thing happens in real life when someone thinks of scoring good the only way available according to them is rote learning as marks depend upon similarity between the words we imprint on paper  and those in books. It doesn’t depend on its viability and understanding of student. We all know what are the side effects of doing rattafication, don’t you remember Chatur and his speech from 3 idiots, I am sure no one would like to be Chatur in real life!!!

·       Reservation

This is one of the most sensible issue, the thing is the people who don’t deserve still get placements in education institutions just because they belong to certain caste/ category. This deters the will of people who study hard, score good, but are denied seats in institutions just because they belong to general category. The selection doesn’t depend on the skills and knowledge of person but on his caste and category. Someone with 50% of your marks and lesser caliber can get into a better college, just because of our reservation system. 

·       Practical learning

There’s lack of interest in students nowadays because the scope for practical learning is much limited. Theoretical learning can’t always help to understand concepts easily. In practical learning, one needs to use creativity and skills which develop interest and make it one of the best ways to understand concepts.  Nowadays, most subjects are taught as if soon swimming will also be taught using books.

·       Infrastructure and Government Spending

The Government spends 4.5-5% of GDP on education compared to other categories. No doubt it’s less from other developing countries. But the amount allocated even is not optimally utilized leading to poor growth of education sector. Because if the population is educated then no one could stop our country from developing. There are many problems faced by students due to lack of infrastructure facilities. Awareness programmes, mid-day meal programmes, skill development programmes are innumerable but few are currently working efficiently. Education Index of India is 107/184.

·       No play all work

Academic subjects are given much importance in schools rather than sports and extra-curricular activities. Sports and other activities are not given much importance. The ratio of time divided between them is 7:1 in most schools. Students hardly get anytime for other activities with learning. The Indian students are getting dull day by day- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

·       Real meaning of Learning

What’s learning? The thing is often we confuse learning with mugging things up. Learning is an active process- one thinks, reacts, act and understand the real concept. But we many a times think learning just means mugging up and scoring good.

·       Why we go to schools and colleges?

When this question is asked the answer we get is to get a good job. The ultimate of aim of students is not to get knowledge but just to get a job. This restricts them from thinking something new, this mindset doesn’t allow them to study deeper and understand the real concept as they just study to get a job. They don’t prefer to innovate ,learn,  create, the only aim is to be an employee not an employer.

·       Evaluation system

Evaluation is based on bookish knowledge, not on creativity and understanding of student. Even a student who doesn’t knows how actually machine works can write a definition of machine. This is only preferred in our system. No matter whether one knows what’s the real function of heart one is able to write process of blood circulation. The evaluation shouldn’t be only based on theory but practical and understanding of students too.


Even leaders like Bill Gates, Sundar Pichai say that there’s just a lack of creativity in Indian Education System. A bit of creativity and innovations along with change in teaching, methodology, syllabus and system can bring a miraculous change in India and its human resource. Let’s hope NEP (New Education Policy) helps Indian students to gain access to new and developed system and have a positive impact on students’ outlook and life.


Education is a powerful weapon which one can us to change the world.

-       Nelson Mandela

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