By- Ranisha Agrawal
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Ranisha Agrawal


Is mental health of every non- depressed person normal ?


Is the mental health of every non-depressed person normal?

Do I feel sad,helpless,dumb ,hopeless and vulnerable ?

“I tried to figure out what I was feeling exactly but I came up with nothing.I was feelingt the feeling of feeling everything but incapable of expressing that feeling.”

Mental health is all about a calm,positive and rational mind. The emotional ,social

and mental wellbeing are the

foremost things for growth and development of an


When our mental health deteriorates with time we

suffer with a medical illness

where our mind and soul are not strong enough to deal

with negative emotions and eventually the way wea

actthe way we think, are triggered wrongly. This is

known as depression. Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from


Depression is not instant. When a person does not get a happy environment he/shet tendsto criticize everything and they feel helpless.Within no time the person gets a tag

of a depressed person.

We all are humans and feeling sad at some point of time is totally normal. Mood swings ,anger and crying without any reason happens ,it can happen all the time.But trust me it is very much possible to get a hold of ourselves. But the way we deal with our sad souls is crucial and that’s where we think we need our peers, friends,parents and teachers to come in.

“ I NEED someone to whom I can tell everything from my ‘flaws’ to my 'perfections’


But I am afraid people will judge my vulnerabilities.

So I don’t want anyone”

We humans need constant people in life.We are not always willing to deal with people who excite us for a short while.

Mental health suffers when self-happiness is unknown because comparing our lifestyle with others brings dreadfulness and unfortunate responses towards what we have .

Some phases just pass unnoticed and it’s nobody’s fault. People try telling other people but for some it’s hard to believe that a smiling face could ever have been in tears.No one can help us unless and until we are willing to improve our own situation.

Her friends FAILED her,

Her mother FAILED her,

But she didn't gave up

She talked with her father for hours who was a STAR in the sky.

We humans feel we are god and can find solutions to every person’s problems but

sometimes in the process of cheering people up we unintentionally make a chaos and people might feel thatT Theyare a burden,

They will be pointed as weak,

They are not safe ,and

Crying is not acceptable..I Ifwe want to make someone feel better just tell them that you want to be a part of their

healing process ,It's okay to vent out emotions.If needed, hug them.

“Be a permanent supporter not a temporary cheerleader”

We want out loved ones to be happy and often try to cheer them up when they are crying. Give them their time and space.People are strong willed but sometimes cryingt too fixes things .

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