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Shivani Negi


Is technology taking away the childhood?

Remember the days when playing outside was the major part of our childhood?When meeting our friends after school was a therapy for us?

I still remember the time when i used to beg my parents to let me play 5 more minutes , but looking at the situation now, things have pretty much changed , children only want mobile phones in their hands.

Those summer vacations used to be the best time of my childhood , no kid was found inside their homes during those holidays, no matter how hard the heat was and now, maximum 2-3 kids are found actually playing a physical game rather being on gadgets!

Sometimes i feel pity for these children that one day they'll look back and realize they only spent time on screens rather than making actual memories.They will have no funny or remarkable moments to remember and laugh at!

As ,most of the children are found spending time on these gadgets , they are becoming lazy , obesity in children is more common now, most of the children have specs from such a small age , they have no alternative hobbies besides mobiles or laptop.

Yes, i can't disagree that the children now are more handy in using technology and they have easy access to learn new things easily and are tend to be more creative as compared to the children back in 90's or early 2000's.

I got my personal mobile phone when i passed my 12th standard, but now, the scenario has completely changed.

Let's take example of this Covid-19 pandemic , we all had no option but to take classes on smartphones/laptops , all the assignments and schedules are posted on platforms like google classroom.

Technology has become an integral part of our education system , which is not a bad thing , but one should always find an other alternative to keep themselves fit.

This excessive use of technology at such a tender age has led to no social life of these children.

Joint families are rarely seen now and on the top of that, if a child living in a joint family is busy using mobiles instead of spending time with his/her grandparents , will there be a bond between them? NO , the space will only increase!

Technology also has profound impacts on the way children think and feel. Since it is full of stimuli and often requires paying attention to many different things at once, children who play many video games or spend most of their time online tend to have less ability to focus than kids who use technology minimally.

What can be done?

Not letting children use technology is surely not an option now !

~Instead of prohibiting technology use altogether, set daily limits for how long children can use technology each day. ~Talk with them about what seems reasonable and keep their schedules in mind. 

~ If your children are fighting you on these rules, try explaining to them the negative effects that technology can have and this will help them understand why it’s important.

~Make sure that they always find time to engage in social and sports activities in school which will help them to connect them with their peers.

~If you show your support for these beneficial activities more than you encourage them to use technology, kids will feel more comfortable making them part of their routine.

~Set a good example as a an elder because if children see you on your phone or computer constantly, they will also want to use technology all the time.

Navigating this world of technology can be quite tricky for children. By putting limits on technology usage and being aware of the potential negative consequences of overuse, Kids can be given access to internet!

Let's try educating children around us that how important childhood is and how they will regret if they remain glued to gadgets rather than making memories:)

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