By- Vandana Kataria
Just an ordinary introvert who loves to express her thoughts via words.

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Vandana Kataria


Is This Called...Love?


A question in my mind pops up every night,

Why my voice and behavior is getting polite?

Is this some kind of magic in the air?

That I am ready to die by a person's stare.

My fairytales and fantasies seem to be true,

Coz I think I have also found my Perfect Match too.

I genuinely lookout myself every moment nowadays,

As I don't know when will I get a chance to sparkle in his gaze.

I have heard a lot of voices in my life since childhood,

But there is only one, that I would love to hear in my whole adulthood.

That person is not necessarily to be the best in the world,

But surely, his thoughts make my mind and heart twirled.

I intend to look at the same picture again and again,

So that my eyes can fix his face and my heart confesses its feeling through a paper and pen.

The whole world praises me, but still, I die to gain just one person's attention,

Maybe this is what, the insane lovers call a pure form of satisfaction.

Why I understood this so late, that the person you love the most doesn't need to be perfect,

Important is, how that person makes your life graceful and worthy without even any expect.

To whom should I share that finally, I am in love?

And why I can die to meet him every day like an innocent dove?

So many questions, but no one to answer,

And here I am, becoming a crazy amateur dancer.

Is this what people called Love?

Then I am ready to fly with him a thousand kilometer above.


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