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Is Time Travel Really Possible In The Years To Come

Traveling in time from one point in spacetime to another is often termed time travel. It is one of the most interesting and known topics for over a decade. Let's just give a try to understand a little about time travel and is it really possible to make it possible within a few years.

What is time?

Time is still a confusing element in science. According to Einstein, time is an illusion. Conversely, new theories state time as real. According to Einstein, time is just another dimension(4th dimension). Time is another dimension that only moves forward. On the other hand, scientists say time is real because most of their laws refer to time, and if laws are outside of time, then laws are inexplicable. That confuses the functioning of laws of physics developed till now.
Well leaving it to your opinions and thought you can choose one of their ideas.

Moving forward to the hype; time travel got through space-time movies is astonishing. Movies and web series on time travel developed the interest of dwellers in such theories. Most of the theories we know are shown in movies, somewhere or the other they are apt. Passing through wormholes, Blackholes, Cosmic strings, and of course time machine would be some ideas.

Through Wormholes

In order to time travel, we need to travel faster than light (i.e. 3* 10^8 m/s) that is difficult to achieve. Einstein's equation tells that an infinite mass and zero-length mass can only achieve such greater speed. It seems to be practically impossible but scientists suggest that the equation can be extended. Traveling through space-time will need a wormhole, a hole between two points between space-time. It would be suitable to travel through it for a very small particle. Developing these wormholes is currently not possible.

The movies and web series had the right idea but no execution.

Through Blackholes

Another idea could be to travel near blackhole to use its gravitational force in order to achieve the speed.Or we could make a artifical environment to travel around.This idea could make you travel half the time of others.That means if a astronat revolves around blackhole for 1 year then we will see him again in 2 years.But in order to move near blackhole the rocket would need a lot energy for very longer time.Also, that much speed might disfunction human metabolism and body functioning.This seems to be like there are good and bad both in dilation.

Besides physics problems, there is much other paradox that is middle hitch too. One of them is the grandfather paradox. A classic example is the grandfather paradox, in which a time traveler goes back and kills his parents or his grandfather— or otherwise interferes in their relationship — so that he is never born or his life is forever altered. Some physicist says that there is another universe that solves the problem of paradox. Others say, it is impossible to travel time, it could be lethal.

Is time travel possible?

After little information provided, different ideas will be hitting the mind.

Few are like we can use gravity by standing on a neutron star. We can build a time machine very simple. We can go near the black hole and use it as a portal to travel. Well, there will be thousands of incomplete ideas that will hit the mind too. Like, time dilation, space-time, mass affecting gravity, etc. there will be more and more.

But is it that simple? While our technology seems to grow very rapidly, it is certainly believed that it will be possible soon. But the reality is different from the expectations. With the physics, we use today, it not possible. But the physics can surely overcome the paradox and methods to save the human body from traveling injuries. It is believed that such high speed will rip down our flesh and blood apart. Startling to listen, we have seen movies that made it possible. But the reality is reality.

Thank you for reading it to the end !! Hope it was informative...

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