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It’s all about revolutions and inventions


India . When we hear this we come across spirituality, culture ,ethics but hey do you realise there are a lot of inventions that had took place in India for the in order to ensure a safer and a healthier lifestyle.

India is a land, rich for its varied spectrums all through the year. Although a developing country a lot of inventions have taken place which are way too innovative .

Lets explore

# Cardboard boxes transformed to desks

when it comes to education there are many places in India which lags behind due to improper infrastructure or school supplies.

Marketing company DDB India and the nonprofit Aarambh came up with a creative solution called Help Desk. 

These desks are made of discarded cartons and costs even less then 20 rupees and even folds open like a briefcase.

such an innovative idea for making a difference in the lives the unprivileged children.

# evigreen edible bags

Like most of the countries , India too faces a huge problem of plastic every year but thanks to a young entrepreneur and a brilliant mind Ashwath Hegde for innovating evigreen bags which are made from edible items like potatoes and vegetable oils which looks exactly like a plastic bag but is way safer than that , and degrades within 150 days . And that too it is edible . If any animal encounters the non disposable bags, it won’t do any harm as it is edible!

# solar tree panels

In these upcoming years it’s very important for each one of us to be efficient in every walks of life , be it electricity or energy. And the CMERI scientist have developed a solar tree which works even better than the commercial array and even takes lesser part of land to install . This way we can save a large part of land for future use

So great!

# gel which protects farmers from toxics

Today farmers in India face slot of problem due to pesticide toxics and other harmful agents that enter via the lungs.

And to your surprise scientists from a leading institute of Bangalore have developed protective gel of Poly oxime which protects the skin of and organs like brain and lungs of farmers' from harmful pesticides. The scientists even claims of developing a mask which could deactivate the toxics .

Such a regenerative innovation

# heaters inside soldiers wearable

Honestly a big salute to all those soldiers who work and safeguard us while working themselves in extreme cold conditions . But here’s a innovation of thin and flexible heaters inside soldiers wearable which do not contain uncomfortable or whacky wires and don’t even overheat or spark . Such a technology prove way innovative for the soldiers working in the harsh climates.

So a gist of all, a lot of resourceful inventions had already taken place.

But wait, we still have a long way to go , these perennial innovations prove good as soon as they are safe for environment and make a healthy living.

These inventions and technological would not help if we are still on our conventional tracks.

So , on an ending note we must strive to accept all those new that comes but with a mindset that we would make earth even more healthy and lively.

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