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Riya bhati



Those weird moments when you are craving for a nice human to hear you in times like lockdown you go to tinder . I installed it found an old classmate there. he was different than people I have been around so I was interested in him but initially I was taking baby steps and didn't pen up too much suddenly he ghosted me and I felt maybe because I didn't open up due to past anxieties and guess what I made efforts again kept on blaming myself for the failure of what we were having . from a feel good thing to a really toxic thing it became only to realize at the end that this guy was still in touch with his ex maybe I was just a rebound or time pass for him and that made me sad but also realize that it was not me who was wrong it was him and only wrong thing here was all the effort putted into something believing his lie.

so the message I have for you out of whole story is don't jump to blame yourself for everything wrong that happens sometimes people are so manipulative and selfish they will always mould things and show as if it's your fault. you know one of the biggest quality of toxic people's is they never accept they are wrong they always find some stupid reason to convince themselves that they are right and you are wrong.

This scenario often happens in relationships but next time something like this happen just sit down and easily pay attention to all the read flags and all the fantasies you have been having about them and unnecessary glorifying them. our mind always know what's best for us sometimes we get habitual of something want to stick to a toxic person just because we are aware about their working pattern but you need to realize as much as you want to be with them these kind of people are just not good for your mental health. yo have to throw garbage out of your life and always remember it's not you problem lies with them it's just you were too blind to notice but not anymore.

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