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Journaling: Solution for Anxiety by Organizing Skill


Hello! readers. Another year of opportunities has begun. When the year starts, we brimmed with enthusiasm and energy to be our most productive selves. But ever year as the days go by, we are unable to keep up with the overload and feel disorganised. Have you ever had a revolutionary idea, but in a few hours, it got lost with other thoughts and work? Well, I have a solution for this, Journaling.

You must have heard of this term before and wanted to try it but never known where to start, it looks too much work, or you are afraid to commit for the long duration.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the term journaling, its an activity of logging all the ideas, thoughts or basic activities that you can have or do to organize your day. Journaling is not just that but can be used as an organiser. I've been journaling to last two years and would highly recommend it. It helped me keep my mind off of all the random thoughts that pop in my mind every once in a while to overshadow the important information, help me keep tabs of my anxiety, habits, budget and never missed an event or forgotten a birthday.

How to Start:

Two questions to ask before start journaling is what and how. You need to know what you want to keep in check. I use it to keep tabs of my workout. Schedule, budget, savings, daily activities and books read. You can note everything important to you instead of having it in your mind. this will help create a record.

Now the next question is "how". How do you want to do it? One of the fun parts of journaling is creativity. You can make your journal look as creative and as colourful as you want or just a simple log to enter the data. You can use your creativity in organising and simplifying your daily life.

Why Journal:

The most common question regarding journaling is, why should one do it? It feels like a lot of work on top of that creating an additional book seems counterproductive. When I started journaling, in the first three months, it did seem like a lot, I was indeed putting too much time and effort decorating it as a form of procrastination, then actually using it to my advantage. But now that I see a long term effect of this activity, I want to share my experience.

Journaling has had helped me keep my anxiety under control. Whenever any inspiration hits me, I log it in my journal. It has helped me control my diet and get in better shape. I keep logs of all my appointments and interviews. If I have an event to be at, I will write all the information in my journal, so I am there on time and prepared for the event.

My journal has all my data in one play, instead of using multiple apps on my phone, I not every detail in one place. One of the advantages of journaling is, in a professional setting. If I take notes on my phone, it seems very unprofessional. If I pen it down in my journal instead, it gives a professional impression.

One of the things about journaling is that its fun, its creative and its efficient. With time skills develop and so does journaling efficiency. There is no hard rule. Consistency is one most important factor. Use it to your advantage and increase your productivity with the New Year.

Happy Journaling.

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