By- Raghav Bharti
I write what I can’t say and I don't say most of the things.

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Raghav Bharti


King and Clown


Oh what a fun to be a king and crowned.

And then become a laughing stock and be a clown.

To bleed selflessly and fill up their glasses.

So they can take a gulp of my magical charisma fountain.

Oh what a fun to be a fruitful tree,to give all your fruits happily and free.

To get nothing in return and being called a whimpering human on a self pitying spree.

Oh what a fun to remove your crown and let them enjoy because you’re down to earth.

To only find they have no ground for this stupid clown.

Oh what a fun to be roasted like Kona beans,to fulfill their thirst so they could feel fresh and lively.

Just to be splashed on your face with a hot coffee when you crave the same thirst and love.

'' Time to be a king again,to wear my crown.

Not to be an entertainer and not being a clown.''

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