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Know Yourself and Grow Higher


"I belive that we , this planet hasn't seen its Golden age. Everybody's saying it's finished... Art's finished , Rock and Roll is dead...fuck that! This is My Chance in the world. I didn't live back there in Mesopotamia , I wasn't there in the Garden of Eden , I wasn't there with Emperor Han. I'm here Right Now and I want Now to be the Golden Age. If only Every Generation would realise that the time for Greatness is right now when they're alive ! The time to Flower is now." //Patti Smith

Your growth begin when you realise , you don't have to experience life only the way you've been told to. And everyday the situations in your life and the world will drag you back by your hand and say, "This is important" , "That is urgent". "You need to worry about this and that." And each day you need to yank back your hand , put it on your heart and say, "No" This is what is important and this is what I need to do and I need to do it for "Myself" , "My Soul". The Most Important task you have everyday is to train yourself to stay in a feel good space. When you're in a space of feeling good , you're in a higher frequency and vibration and that brings more and more joy. Anytime you feel good you know you know you've found vibrational alignment with Yourself , with who you are.

Raise your Frequency.

Do things that make you Happy.


Feel good about Yourself.

Listen to your inner voice.

Vibrate Higher.

And Love Yourself :)

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