By- Aayush Singh
Life is about moving to and fro the Number Line.

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Aayush Singh


Lava Sky


All I want is summer sunshine

Shining brightly over ocean sky,

Fluffy clouds as cotton candies,

Resting and roaming as honey bees.

When this ideal environment is set

I want to lie under a big shady tree,

Falling into nothingness just observing,

Feeling eternal bliss and laughing to myself.

When it is time for twilight, alright

I will sit up and watch with delight,

Lava pouring and covering the sky,

Until it paints the Sun and it descends its height.

Cool breeze will follow quick sunset

Hitting my person as if in eagerness,

To know how my day went by and,

I shall say it with a soothing sigh,

"Just as I imagined it to be,

I saw heaven and so will she".

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