By- Ananya singh
~I write what I feel in silence ∆

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Ananya singh



We brush our teeth everyday so that we don't have a bad breath, we have a shower everyday so that our friends and colleagues do not run away holding their noses, our parents work so hard for us , so that we can live and learn comfortably , we live in a house so that we are protected from the extreme hot and cold . Everything we do , we make sure that our bodies can live best with all that life offers . If we don't look after our bodies, we won't be able to live the live best .

Feel: It is the first lesson of life : learn to look after yourself and the world will look after itself.

I once heard a story about a father and a son . A father was irritated by the continuous tantrums of the son while he was reading an newspaper . Frustrated he tore a piece of newspaper that resembled the picture of the globe and told his son to put the small newspaper puzzle together so that his son could be occupied for some time . The son looked at the puzzle on the back of which there was a picture of man . The boy knew how to put together the picture of a man and within ten minutes he made the puzzle and went back to his father . His father was amazed , at how fast he could manage to put together all the pieces . He asked how he did that . The son replied ' I put the man on the back of the puzzle together and the world came together' . His father smiled and hugged his son ' the world is together if each man is together '

Do: if tou want to want to built a happy, peaceful and successful life first learn to look after yourself . If you can't look after yourself , you can't do anything for the society .

Assess: learn to find a solitary corner everyday either during the early mornings or just before you go to sleep. Close your eyes and simply listen to your heart. Initially you could listen all the kinds of chatter that your mind offers but the feeling of solitude will solidify your true potential . You will learn to look after yourself. Be still , be silent and always listen to your heart .

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