By- Siddhika Prajapati
English Honors graduate and post-graduated in journalism. A freelance writer and a nutritionist. A fashion, fitness, art, culture, and travel writer, who loves to explore and experiment the experience through words with an add-on of personal touch.

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Siddhika Prajapati




Who isn’t scared of getting older?  People devote their entire lives exasperating to find the fountain of youth and extend life.

Eventually, death comes for everyone.

Besides, humans are aware if they must work out more and eat in limited quantity however, most people are always eating fast food and investing in Netflix instead of exercising.

However, what if there was a way to keep your old beliefs sideways and learn how to cease yourself from getting older?

The study showed that most people deal with stress in two ways.  The first think negatively and sees stress as a hazard while the second group of people see a demanding situation as a challenge and get energy from it.  As an alternative of getting mad or angry, they are boosted to look out for a solution.

To be a part of the second group you need to have the correct routines to set yourself up for success.  Habit these tricks to stay equipped for unavoidable traumatic situations.

•           Exercise: try spending at least 60 minutes per day exercising since this will help keep cortisol levels truncated and stay energized.

•           Eat Healthy Foods: eating High fat and carb will raid you of our energy and make it tough to route everything.  Therefore, try and meal prep to evade the temptation of cheap and junk fast food.

•           Disconnect from Social Media: the social media influences and political debates are not serving your stress and anxiety levels.  Diminish social media to minimize needless stress in your life.

•           Meditate: Separate from the world with the means of meditation on a regular basis.

I hope that this article will aid you with an inspiration to commence in helping you cope with stress better in your life.  Reminisce that more stress equals a faster demise.  Thus, quit worrying about the slight stuff and follow the habits that will help you live a long, healthy, and wealthy life.

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